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November 6, 2019

CDP Manthan and RichRelevance Will Consolidate

CDP Manthan and RichRelevance Will Consolidate

Business Wire

Lots of personalization industry news today, Dear Reader. Retail-oriented analytical CDP Manthan and recommendation engine RichRelevance have announced a “path to consolidating” pending regulatory approvals. The firms will start joint sales and marketing right away. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because analytical CDP Amperity bought recommendation engine Custora just yesterday.

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Seismic Buys Percolate to Deliver Personalized Content

PR Newswire

Sales content recommendation vendor Seismic also has a new partner: it is buying content management vendor Percolate. The deal will make it easier for marketers and sales teams to deliver consistent, personalized content across all channels and all stages of the customer journey. As one should.

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E-Commerce Next Best Action Vendor Rokt Raises $48 Million Series C


Rokt is yet another company that delivers personalized content, in its case by recommending next best offers on ecommerce Web sites. They haven’t bought anything or been bought, but they did raise a $48 million Series C to help grow by themselves. Total funding is now $82 million.

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