How to let AI-driven CDPs empower marketing decisions instead of overpower

March 3, 2022

Goodbye, manual data analysis and complicated spreadsheets – artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help us work smarter! We can breathe a sigh of relief in the customer experience (CX) space, as evolving customer expectations, complex data sets and stretched resources mean there’s a need for intelligent, agile solutions.

There’s real value in using a CDP with AI-driven functionalities today, as marketers search for timely, cost-effective, and intuitive ways to create customer experiences at scale. But, with only 54% of marketing decisions influenced by analytics, it’s clear that the efficiency of AI isn’t the issue at hand. It’s the lack of trust and understanding in using it.

CDPs with AI: The tool to empower marketers

When I speak to marketers, I can see there are concerns about the growing role of AI in the world of customer experience – and I understand why. We all like to be in control of our campaigns, after all. Yet, AI-driven data platforms, such as advanced CDPs, are here to empower marketing decisions. Not overpower.

CDPs with AI, such as NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform, allow organizations to hit the sweet spot between traditional data science and marketing. By leveraging the power of AI in an accessible, user-friendly way, marketers can unlock their customer data potential in real time and at scale.

Transforming big data into small, meaningful moments is key to delivering the level of personalization expected by customers today – and here’s where AI-empowered CDPs can step up to the plate. By feeding historical and real-time data into smart metrics, advanced CDPs present marketers with the intelligence needed to choose who, how, when, and where to engage.

Applying intelligence across the customer journey

Using AI, marketers can also deliver timely, relevant, and personalized experiences based on predictive analytics. Here the next best experience can be delivered with greater accuracy time and time again with AI and machine learning (ML) working in synergy.

For these more complex, considered engagements, organizations can adopt a hybrid decision-making approach. With a CDP, marketers learn from always optimized data to orchestrate contextually relevant interactions – staying in the driving seat of their campaigns while being supported by AI.

We can look at smart audience creation based on lookalike modeling (LAM) algorithms as an example of where intelligent decision-making works well. It’s the CDP’s job to determine potential audiences based on a company’s highest value customers, yet marketers still have the final say when choosing who to target and how.

CDPs with machine learning capabilities also make it possible to engage customers with meaningful moments across the entire journey. For instance, our Intelligent Engagement Platform transforms fragmented data sets into an Opportunity Index, a scoring metric we calculate for every customer and every experience.

The Opportunity Index, based on a customer’s short-term intent, long-term propensity, eligibility markers, and a wide range of other metrics, equips marketers with the most relevant insights throughout their campaign. However, with the ability to influence the scoring algorithms based on commercial priorities, marketers still retain control of their results.

Our advanced CDP with the power of AI

There’s no doubt that AI is shaping the future of customer experiences. And, it’s only by seeing AI as a friend, not a foe, that marketers can uncover the real potential of their customer data.

At NGDATA, we like to think of our Intelligent Engagement Platform as a data scientist in a box. As an advanced CDP with AI, it puts machine learning in the hands of marketers for truly individualized customer experiences at scale.

From aggregating data into an always evolving Customer DNA™, to determining the next best experience for customers based on predictive analytics, the Intelligent Engagement Platform empowers marketers to make customers feel seen, understood, and serviced.

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