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ActionIQ RealCDP Audit Report (ActionIQ)

ActionIQ supports both B2C and B2B enterprises across a variety of industries with a SaaS platform hosted in AWS. Data can be ingested from any source in any format and is loaded into S3 buckets prior to data transformation, cleaning, and matching. An extensive library of pre-built connectors provide smooth data transfer to and from leading martech and data management systems. The InfiniteCompute capability ensures that full data detail history is retained (no limits) and scales dynamically to ensure best-in-class processing times. Unified customer profiles are created using AI-driven deterministic and probabilistic matching (PersonMatch ID resolution). Data models are custom-built and include derived/calculated variables created by ActionIQ. The ActionIQ tag helps build anonymous profiles in combination with Neustar and LiveRamp data to enhance targeting for online advertising. The platform has robust privacy management, is GDPR and CCPA compliant, and it integrates with 3rd party tools like OneTrust for consent management. Real time updates are enabled and synced with customer-facing external systems for maximum messaging relevance.

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