Bloomreach RealCDP Audit Report (Bloomreach)

The Bloomreach CDP SaaS platform is hosted in Google Cloud and provides B2C companies (predominantly retail) with powerful personalization tools for increasing revenue. Any type of data can be ingested in either batch or real time at processing speeds that exceed industry averages. Web tags and cookie management is native but external tags can also be leveraged. Fully detailed data history is maintained in a client-defined data model with a variety of data store options (MongoDB, Redis, Google Big Table, Google Big Query, Postgres, Google Cloud Storage). Clients are given direct control over element retention/expiration rules. Unified customer profiles are created using deterministic matching and anonymous-to-known tracking is particularly strong. Data is fully encrypted in motion and at rest. Privacy and consnet management is best-in-class, with an impressive list of certifications (Bloomreach was the first GDPR certified company in the world) and consent controls are built into the UI. Data can be shared to any system in batch or real time and profiles can be updated in real time.

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