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Blueshift RealCDP Audit Report (Blueshift)

Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP is delivered and operates as a unified set of capabilities (rather than a suite of modules). This platform delivery approach enables Blueshift to provide marketers a tightly integrated user experience powered by AI/ML intelligence. Data management and integration capabilities include automated data mapping and a NoSQL database for structured and unstructured data. Processing speeds and scalability are excellent, with real-time profile updates available. While the platform can store content for personalized message creation, it also links to external content management systems. Similarly, an entire email can be built within the SmartHub CDP and sent to an ESP for delivery or SmartHub can send just the data to the ESP, where the full email is built and delivered. This “build or link” approach makes Blueshift more flexible than many CDP platforms when integrating with existing marketing engagement stacks. Data security and privacy are fully developed.

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