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Cheetah Digital RealCDP Audit Report (Cheetah Digital)

Cheetah Digital’s Customer Engagement Suite supports both B2C and B2B companies (and B2B2C) with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that is robust, flexible and easy-to-use. The suite has four modules that work together to enable marketers to integrate data into a robust customer profile and create personalized messages. The centerpiece is the Engagement Data Platform (EDP), which is required to support the Experiences, Messaging, Personalizationand Loyalty modules. The Engagement Data Platform provides a no-code interface that offers strong set of tools for ingesting, transforming integrating and sharing customer data. Once the EDP has been implemented, client-side users will find their data management processes are easy to run, maintain and expand. The EDP supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and embraces Forrester’s zero-party data framework on data gathering in the customer-driven world: data that a customer willingly shares in a mutual value exchange. Real time data capture and sharing is supported. Industry PII and customer data privacy standard are supported.

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