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Cordial RealCDP Audit Report (Cordial)

Cordial supports B2C companies (strong retail/consumer goods focus) with a cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform hosted in AWS. Data of any type can be integrated into a unified customer profile and stored with full detail with full history in MongoDB databases. Data can be ingested with a schema-free load process and website tags and 1st party cookies are used to keep customer activity updated in real time. The unified customer profile organizes data into three categories: contact, event and supplemental. An OOTB data model is offered for retail companies.The Data Transformations module allows users to control how data is cleansed and standardized and includes postal hygiene. Data privacy capabilities are Privacy Shield and GDPR compliant. Data can be shared anywhere via manual selects in Audience Builder or automated via the Data Automations module. Cordial has pre-built connectors with 20+ leading eCommerce, CDP, marketing and digital ad platforms. The platform has strong real time update capabilities that enhance real time personalization.

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D&B Rev.Up ABX CDP supports B2B companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform designed to help business (non-technical) users improve marketing and sales efforts in a no-code environment.

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Teavaro supports B2C companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that integrates data of any type into a unified customer profile and stores full histories on customers and prospects in MongoDB and Postgres databases.

Redpoint Global RealCDP Audit Certificate (Redpoint Global)

Redpoint Global is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.