Library/Real CDP Audit Report

Lexer RealCDP Audit Report (Lexer)

Lexer’s CDP supports primarily Retail-focused B2C companies with some B2B solutions in place. It is a true no-code SaaS solution hosted in AWS (Redshift and S3 databases) with full data ingestion, data integration and data enhancement capabilities, which support the creation of robust customer profiles designed to support a consumer-centric marketing approach. Web data is gathered via the Lexer Javascript tag. Profiles are built using both deterministic and probabilistic matching. The solution comes with a recommended “starter” data model that contains 300+ raw and derived data entities; the data model is fully customizable, and profiles can be easily enhanced with third party persona and demographic data. There is no limit on data volumes or types (Lexer’s background is in social media data and analysis so it handles unstructured data extremely well) or how long data is stored. Automated data sharing is bi-directional and data security meets all industry requirements.

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