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Resulticks RealCDP Audit Report (Resulticks)

The Resulticks platform supports B2C and B2B (and hybrid) companies across a wide variety of industries in APAC (primarily), EMEA and North America. The platform can be hosted in any of the leading cloud systems (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM) and can be deployed as a pure cloud solution or a hybrid, where the PII data remains within client firewalls. Data can be ingested in any format directly from source systems or from client data alkes and databases and is stored in client-specific data models with full historical detail. Unified customer profiles with unique, persisten IDs are created with robust data quality and matching tools; matching parameters can be controlled directly by users in a drag and drop UI. Data privacy is excellent, as all sensitive data is fully encrypted and strict user controls are utilized; country and regional privacy regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, e.g.) are fully met; consent management is native. Customer data can be shared to any system in batch or real time via API or the Resulticks Smart Duo capability. Smart Duo enables real time profile augmentation and hyper-personalization across multiple channels.

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