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SALESmanago RealCDP Audit Report (SALESmanago CDP & Marketing Automation)

SALESmanago’s CDP supports B2C and B2B companies with an AI-driven, no-code SaaS platform in a commercial cloud solution (Google), private cloud or on-premise. The platform is designed for end-users and makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to take their customer interactions and x-channel performance to the next level. Data ingestion and integration is set up for clients by SALESmanago, but users can also upload ad hoc contact lists via an elegant and intuitive UI. Any type of data can be integrated into a 360-degree customer profile in batch or real time and dynamic scaling supports excellent processing speeds. Full historical data is stored in a variety of data stores and allows for full reconstruction of data as needed. Customer privacy is ensured (and fully GDPR compliant) with a best-in-class CX preference center module that makes it easy for customers to opt in, share preferences and personalize their experience with zero party data. Data from the CDP can be shared seamlessly (in real time) to external platforms via pre-built APIs; ad hoc exports are supported as well.

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