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TCS RealCDP Audit Report (TCS)

TCS CI&I CDP supports B2C comapnies in select industries with a platform that can be hosted in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data can be ingested in real time or batch into a schema-free load; pre-built connectors are provided; and additional connectors can be added. Full detail data is maintained in Hadoop and PostgreSQL data stores with industry-specific data models provided for retail, banking and insurance companies (more industries are on the roadmap). Historial data storage with an audit trail allows for recovery and reconstruction. The unified customer profile, with a persistent ID called “Human ID,” is created via deterministic and probabilistic matching, tracking both known and unknown customers. Data is encrypted at rest and in-motion to ensure privacy for PII; consent management relies on data from client preference management systems and privacy enforcement is set up during implementation. Real time updates are fully enabled. Data can be shared anywhere in batch and real time and can be managed by non-technical resources in a no-code environment.

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