Get the expert Workflow templates to achieve your marketing goals with the first eCommerce Workflow Generator

January 9, 2023

We assembled our leading eCommerce experts, working on a daily basis with some of the world’s biggest brands, to completely redesign Workflow templates in our library. They’ve put thousands of hours of their expertise into new, improved templates, to save you time. On top of this, we added Workflow Generator to the Library – the first such feature on the market, enabling you to activate the most accurate template in just a few clicks!

What keeps you up at night?

There are many challenges that keep eCommerce marketers awake at night. Low customer lifetime value, a lack of real revenue from marketing efforts, declining customer loyalty, high churn… Even the abundance of multiple channels doesn’t always make it easy to solve these conundrums. A well-designed Workflow can get the best out of every marketing channel. It automates tasks and consistently helps achieve marketing goals; however, creating the perfect template requires a lot of time and knowledge about the capabilities of the used platform and marketing processes. Chances are, you still won’t get the same results as the top eCommerce players.

Knowing this, we have assembled our leading experts, who work with brands such as Starbucks, Vodafone, Lacoste, KFC, New Balance, and Victoria’s Secret. We asked them to translate their immense experience into effective tools—Workflow templates that provide precise execution in every communication channel and actually help solve eCommerce challenges.

Many hours of work and years of experience from these experts have resulted in the best Workflow Library—one made by eCommerce specialists for eCommerce specialists.

Was it worth putting so much effort into it? Automation technology greatly improves the effect of the marketers’ efforts, so there’s no wonder. Yes, here are proofs:

  • The market for Workflow automation and related technologies is growing at 20% per year and is likely to reach $5 billion USD by 2024. (Deloitte)
  • 55% of global marketers plan to increase spending on overall marketing technology in the next year. (Forrester)
  • Lost productivity and poorly managed leads cost companies over $1 trillion annually, some of which could be saved with database automation software. (CMO Council)

We easily see how our effort will enable you to deal aforementioned problems more effectively than ever, thanks to the accumulated expertise, put into these Workflows.

Especially, since we added something to the new Library.

Solution to your challenges in just a few clicks

The Workflow Library can be navigated through filters, but it doesn’t stop there. To save even more time, you can use our unique Workflow Generator. This is the first such feature in the eCommerce market. Pick a goal. Then, specify the channel you want to focus on. You can also specify the tactics you think are best for the situation. Click Generate and from the suggested list, choose a template—the perfect canvas for your content. Launch the campaign for the smooth and efficient execution of your goals.

Think like a marketer, just choose your goal!

Be lean and impactful

The new Workflow Library will enable you to maximize each channel’s impact, and leverage Precision Execution. You can focus on individual channels or use comprehensive tactics for omnichannel activities. Using Workflow Generator, you simply tell us what goal you want to achieve and specify the channel. From the listed template suggestions, you then pick the one that fits your needs for Precise Execution in the chosen channel.

Make the most of the chosen channel

Get the best picks for your business, without time-consuming planning

Think how much time can you save with our new Library. We put hours of work into creating the most effective Workflows for your needs. The good news is that they work amazingly, and now you can easily use the perfect Workflow without having to put days into designing it!

The best tactics designed by leading eCommerce experts

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t get distracted

Your actions are all about achieving marketing goals. We made it possible for you to focus entirely on them. From our library of the biggest eCommerce marketing challenges, select the ones you want to work on. Specify the remaining parameters. From the suggested list, choose a template—the perfect canvas for your content. Launch a campaign for the smooth and efficient execution of your goals.

Fastest Workflow template deployment in eCommerce

Benefit from the expert know-how

Try new tactics – the expert ones. Get access to the know-how of top specialists working with brands like Starbucks, Vodafone, Lacoste, KFC, New Balance, and Victoria’s Secret. Pick your goals and channels and browse Workflow templates using the scenarios they find the most useful in the named situations. Allow them to guide you step-by-step through various marketing tactics.

Try different setups

Our Library does not limit you in any way. On the contrary, we encourage experiments. Get inspired! The Workflow Library is a remarkable and extensive collection of templates. With the Workflow Generator, you can view any sequence with specific parameters. Get inspired to create your own, even more advanced Workflows based on collected know-how.

Wrapping up

Our improved Workflow Library, and a brand new feature, Workflow Generator, is the latest proof, how seriously we treat the principles of Lean Marketing – and how out of the box we think while implementing them in our features.

Not only you can save tons of working hours, benefitting from the experience of the leading eCommerce experts, that completely redesigned all the templates in the Library, adding several completely new in the process. Now, while taking action to achieve a marketing goal, you can think like a marketer, not a sophisticated IT system user.

Do you want to increase Customer Lifetime Value? Or maybe lower the churn? Just select this goal from the list, choose channels, and tactics. Think the marketer language and achieve marketing goals the Lean Way.