Drive Smarter Experimentation and Personalization with Fully Integrated Data

January 10, 2019

When it comes to your experimentation program, your experiments are only as powerful as the data you use. When customer data is siloed and fragmented, it impacts the user experience and internal operations. You need to ensure your team is leveraging the most comprehensive visitor and event-level data to build better cross-device user experiences and create highly targeted experiments and personalization strategies for audiences.

Kyle Brierley, Director of Global Integrated Solutions, Tealium, recently did a webinar on “Driving Smarter Experimentation and Personalization with Fully Integrated Data.”

In this webinar, Kyle took us through key ways on how to fuel better user experiences with centralized, comprehensive and enriched data. He also showed attendees how to stitch together anonymous and known visitor data to then leverage those audiences to generate more consistent cross-device experiences. You can find key takeaways below.

Experimentation Is Easier Said Than Done

Some factors that can limit being able to do so:

  • Lack of a culture of innovation
  • Legacy systems hinder innovation
  • Processes are complex and time consuming
  • Internal resources are limited
  • Organizations may be risk-averse

When Universal Action Is Possible Through Universal Data

  • Marketing is less reliant on engineering
  • Data teams have clean data from all sources
  • Businesses and Execs have accessible and actionable insights
  • Product teams can make informed testing decisions and rollouts
  • The end user gets a unified experience across all devices and contexts

3 Key Components Of A Powerful MarTech Stack

  1. Collect and standardize data in real time
  2. Integrate data across end-point solutions and contexts
  3. Translate data into actionable insights

To get more key takeaways and knowledge around all things personalization and experimentation, watch the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How to leverage both online and offline data to deliver a seamless user experience across devices
  • How to connect client-side and server-side integrations for increased performance and real-time experiences
  • And so much more!

Watch the on-demand webinar and start personalizing and experimenting with your campaigns today!