How to Design Your Data Supply Chain for GDPR

July 2, 2018

While the dawn of massive change approaches with GDPR, it’s critical for brands to be transparent and ethical with the customer data they’re handling. They must ensure that the data being collected is only used for the purposes of transforming interactions and creating better customer experiences.

And as brands scramble to orchestrate and execute their compliance plans before May 25th, many are unsure which tools, processes, internal groups and roles their organization should employ. Sound familiar?

Ted Sfikas, Director of US Engineering at Tealium & Jason Koo, Developer Evangelist at Tealium, recently did a webinar on “How To Design Your Data Supply Chain For GDPR.”

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • 4 critical components of GDPR that every brand needs to know
  • 3 key GDPR roles every company should assign internally
  • Best-in-class solutions to top mobile data challenges with GDPR
  • Real-world examples of how employing data privacy efforts has led other brands to increased customer access to privacy controls and increased transparency to 3rd party tools

It’s crucial that data, marketing and analyst professionals focus on overall data governance, rather than just legal ramifications, and the effect that leakage and security events can have on the brand itself when it comes to GDPR compliance.

Watch the on-demand webinar and safeguard your brand and consumer trust by ensuring your compliance today!