Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Tag Management

January 22, 2018

Say goodbye to bad habits and say hello to the new year ahead. Cheers to looking ahead into 2018 and exceeding goals for your organization.

As the leader and pioneer in tag management, here are Tealium’s Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Tag Management:

#1 – Act Now

Tag Management is now in its later stages of awareness, adoption and deployment within the digital marketing space. If you’re among those who are late adopters to this powerful solution it’s officially time to hop on board. Putting customers at the center of everything a brand does is a strategy that is isn’t going away anytime soon. Top brands are deploying tag management systems to not only deliver personalized experiences, but to also create more meaningful ones.

Tealium users around the globe have successfully deployed hundreds of tags on their sites which is enabling them to better collect, correlate and enrich customer data from multiple tools, touchpoints, and channels where their customers are interacting.

Are you working with a digital agency for your customer journey, website, automation, or analytics initiatives? You’re in luck. A good strategic digital agency should be well versed in tag management and is likely certified with the multiple top choice solutions.

Make 2018 the year that you plan for the integration and implementation of a tag management solution tool into your business practices and start delivering even better experiences for your customers.

#2 – Stay updated

If you’ve been using a Tag Management System (TMS) for a few years you likely have tags that are getting old or have even been replaced. The benefit of a TMS is to be able to make multiple updates with only a few clicks as any robust TMS tool will be able to ‘opt in’ to the latest-and-greatest features and functionality to keep your tags and data clean and correlated. For example, Tealium’s “Tag Status Checker” helps identify tag templates in need of an update. Google recently updated their suite of tags to use the new ‘gtag.js’ and Tealium now has these available in the Tealium iQ Tag Marketplace. As with any updates to a website we recommend testing and trying anything new out in a staging environment prior to going live.

#3 – Be a minimalist

Were you evaluating a vendor to add to your digital marketing stack, but as a result the tags were possibly never removed or shut off? Tealium iQ lets you know which tags are running (active) and will either pause or delete them.

Is there a digital marketing vendor on your site who is now redundant? For example you may have more than one analytics vendors, and while there may in fact be a case for running two, three or four is probably one too many. Keeping the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mind, it becomes imperative to only send data to places where it needs to go. Removing a tag will make implementation simpler and may even result in other “AJAX” code running sooner on a page. Being more concise and simple with tags may result in greater overall results.

#4 – Don’t just trim – build

As 2018 approaches, vendors that you’re working with may want to start running data through Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Help them help you by sending them additional data points and other insights / analytics as it can potentially fuel predictive analytics and intelligent journey mapping based on the data.

Tealium’s mapping toolbox lets users see what is available to send to a vendor that a brand is working with. Many even have the ability to send custom attributes for no extra charge. Start bringing vendors into a more data driven and intelligent conversation by asking the question, “What other collection points of events and customer data can I send to maximize the value of your software?”

#5 – Be prepared for Privacy Management

Ensure you fully understand what your TMS has to offer and how it can be used to help your visitors manage their privacy settings. Make sure you’re marking applicable data as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and protecting against data leakage.

#6 – Take some time to reflect

Meditation on the meaning of tags may not result in enlightenment; however, it could result in more strategic decision making that positively impacts your company’s bottom line. Start asking questions like “Am I taking as much action as possible based on my data?” For example, using Tealium’s Universal Data Hub to remove repeat website visitors from marketing segments ad spending can be better allocated towards acquisition. I suggest repeating that last statement out loud at least 5 times today for maximum results

#7 – Get Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference on your 2018 calendar

Our Digital Velocity event series is practical, inspirational, and a generally good time. Tealium now hosts these events that are designed to inspire, transform and activate attendees all over the world — and the customer success stories that are presented at these events are truly invaluable. But don’t take my word for it, check out this highlight reel from the most recent Digital Velocity San Francisco event.

Take a sip and celebrate. You made it through another year, and if you keep those seven resolutions in mind, you will set yourself up for a year of new innovation, strategic decisions that will have great impact and best of all new beginnings that will lead to success. May 2018 bring you the promise of innovation!

Want more information on how to get started with Tealium’s TMS solution? Contact us for a free 30 day trial today and take our TiQ product for a spin!