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A CDP consultancy that works as results-oriented advisors with decades of experience building and implementing marketing databases. This practical, hands-on knowledge is at the foundation of a CDP, making DataEM advisors the ideal experts to consult when reviewing vendors, preparing RFPs, or managing implementation. DataEM advisors can also function as fractional CMOs, nurturing and aligning your existing marketing team, performing marketing maturity audits, and extracting e2e (end to end) KPIs.

Vendor Resources

Privacy Policy Checklist (DataEM) Is your company’s privacy policy as comprehensive as it needs to be? DataEM provides a checklist to help you figure it out.

GDPR Compact Guide (DataEM) The GDPR is now in effect across Europe. DataEM explains what this means for your privacy practices.

California Consumer Privacy Act (DataEM) The CCPA contains important privacy rules. DataEM details what they are and how to comply.

Vendor Blog Posts

CDP Periodic Table Q. What are the principal elements of a CDP and how do you leverage these elements to Grow Your Business?