HGS Digital

Service Provider

Looking to transform your marketing with Data & AI?

HGS Digital partners with marketing organizations to help with:

  • Data strategy & tools selection
  • Martech implementation services
  • AI/ML modeling for insights & predictive analytics

We partnered with 100+ enterprises to deploy digital transformation solutions. Our experts in the areas of design, data, AI/ML & cloud focus on helping marketing teams gain agility & compete better against competition.

We help enterprises deploy CDPs successfully through planning, implementation & ongoing optimization services.

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Lytics, Snowplow, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, AWS/Azure stack

Vendor Resources

Using Customer Data Platforms: A Guide to Successful Data-Driven, Hyper-Personalized Marketing (HGS Digital) Prospective consumers and current customers interact with brands in a very fragmented journey. HGS Digital explains how a CDP can unify this information.

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Customer Data Platforms (HGS Digital) It’s important for organizations to evaluate and identify the right CDP vendor to work with. HGS Digital explains how to do so by asking the right questions.

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Data Platforms (HGS Digital) CDPs are gaining popularity as a highly valuable marketing tool. HGS Digital explains what they are and how they can help your organization.

Vendor Blog Posts

Seven Signs You Should Build a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Companies and marketers often face challenges while understanding their customers, giving rise to ineffective marketing experiences.

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