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Simon Data

Campaign CDP

Simon Data is the enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers brands to deliver data-driven, personalized customer experiences anywhere. The platform leverages enterprise-scale big data and machine learning to power customer communications in any channel. Simon’s unique approach allows brands like BarkBox, Venmo, The Farmer’s Dog, Asos, Jet Blue, Tripadvisor, Equinox, and many more develop and deliver incredible personalization without needing to build and maintain massive, bespoke data infrastructure. For more information, visit

Vendor Resources

Building the First and Zero Party Future: Thriving in a Privacy Centric World (Simon Data) Access to consumer data is declining as consumers gain control thanks to GDPR, the loss of third-party cookies, and other factors. The CDPI and Simon Data explain how first- and zero-party data can give marketers success.

Own Your First-Party Data Strategy (Simon Data) Simon Data CEO and Co-founder Dr. Jason Davis offers a convincing case for the stability and flexibility conferred by a strategy built around first-party data.

ASOS Case Study (Simon Data) An e-commerce fashion and cosmetics retailer wanted to reach their shoppers with personalized content across multiple channels. Learn how Simon Data made it happen.

eCommerce Starter Pack (Simon Data) Marketers in the eCommerce vertical have special considerations. Simon Data explains how a CDP can help.

Barkbox Case Study (Simon Data) Barkbox used to rely on unwiedly one-off database pulls to drive reactivation efforts. Learn how Simon helped them enable a three-fold increase in campaign volume.

Canary Case Study (Simon Data) Home security company Canary wanted to increase customer engagement. Learn how the Simon platform helped them achieve a 5.3% conversion rate.

Simon Vendor Profile (Simon Data) Simon’s customer data platform allows non-technical marketers to easily aggregate customer data from disparate sources, segment their customer base using that data, test highly-targeted marketing campaigns to those segments, and more. Read on to learn more.

Vivino Case Study (Simon Data) Vivino came to Simon with a tedious process of linking manually-maintained segments every day. Simon now powers campaigns for Vivino that would otherwise require 1.5 developers per year. Read on to learn how.

The Self-Serve Segmentation Superpower (Simon Data) Segmentation is a valuable martech capability. Simon Data explains how to make it work for you.