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Transparent is an independent, objective, marketing technology consultancy helping brands safely navigate the complex data and technology landscape. Our philosophy combines technology platforms, people, and process to harness the full potential of addressability, marketing automation, and digital transformation. We are experts in Marketing Technology platforms including CDP, CRM, TMS, and DMP. We help brands assess the incremental value of a CDP within their existing technology stack, evaluate CDP vendors, guide through implementation, and establish CDP best practices.

Vendors we have worked with: Adobe, Amperity, Hightouch, MessageGears, mParticle, Segment, Simon Data, Tealium, and Salesforce

Vendor Blog Posts

The Urgent Need for Better Data Quality in CDPs: How Anomaly Detection Can Help Over the past several years, Transparent Partners have helped clients evaluate and select CDPs to meet their needs.

The Evolving CDP Landscape The CDP landscape has always been a complicated space, and it is getting even messier.

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