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5 reasons you need a Single Customer View The past year has been a time of worldwide transformation, with businesses facing the stark choice of going under or adapting their ways to meet their customers' requirements.

Why you should take a leaf out of HSBC’s book and remember your email system is ‘not an island’ There's a lot of hype these days about omnichannel marketing and the importance of crafting a consistent customer experience across every platform.

How to keep your sock drawer (and your customer data store!) tidy this holiday season Matching, de-duplicating, disparate storage locations... is this your cusotmer data? Or your socks?

How Marketers Can Combine Cross-Device Identification with a CDP to Enhance Their Campaigns It's indisputable that every customer experience, across every device, should be personalized in real-time!

How Customer Data Platforms Improve the Sharing of Data within Your Business for Better Marketing Businesses consist of separate departments – finance, sales, marketing, account management, and so on.

With Data Ownership Comes Data Responsibility The ability to access, manipulate and use customer data for marketing purposes is a key goal for organizations, yet hard to achieve.

How Can a Customer Data Platform Help with GDPR Compliance? As I write, we are just under a year away from the date when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across Europe.

CDPs, SCVs and DMPs – How Can Marketers Get Their Heads Around the Acronyms? It is becoming increasingly important for marketers to be able to take better control of, and make better use of, their data.

Six Considerations Before Starting a Single Customer View Project The ambition to build an enterprise Single Customer View (SCV) database is typically instigated by the marketing team.