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Upland BlueVenn

Campaign CDP

Upland BlueVenn provides an omnichannel customer experience solution powered by its Customer Data Platform that creates a Single Customer View from all online and offline data sources. The platform ingests data in real-time and batch methods, and customizable identity matching rules ensure one golden record for every customer, and the entire memory of all their interactions tied to an individual. Key to BlueVenn is the real-time data cleansing and enhancements that improve data quality whenever data enters the system, making it highly relevant for multi-channel brands in retail, financial services, travel/leisure and media. BlueVenn’s omnichannel journey orchestration, customer analytics and segmentation capabilities help its users to unify campaign decisions across channels for improved cross-channel personalization, and integrates with the wider Upland CXM portfolio of products for mobile marketing, email, VOC and web engagement for delivery of communications.

Key features of the Upland BlueVenn solution include:

  • A unified customer view for an accurate, compliant, de-duplicated and enriched customer database.
  • ‘Train-of-Thought’ analytics to iteratively query large volumes of data, rapidly turning insight into action.
  • Customer journey orchestration to automate complex omnichannel campaigns.
  • Powerful segmentation and predictive modeling tools to target precise audiences.
  • Integrated channels for email, mobile app marketing, SMS, Direct Mail, Voice of Customer (VOC) and real-time web personalization/engagement.

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