How to Get Your Data Ready for Your Next CDP

November 6, 2019

There is no doubt that a big pain that marketers face is having to string together data from multiple sources to access prospect, customer, and product information. In fact, according to Salesforce, “the number of data sources used by enterprise marketing departments is growing each year, and it’s growing fast. Research shows a 25% annual growth rate for significant data sources, but others are much smaller. If you look at this 25% growth rate and think ahead 10 years, you’re going to go from 15 to 40 data sources.” Marketers must have a way to unify this data in one place, and this is where a CDP can help.

What is a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that centralizes your customer data from multiple sources into one place. Like the statement above, if you’re struggling with a variety of different data sources, a CDP is where you’ll want to gather your data at one source, but before you do this, there is one important step you should take: Clean your data.

Clean Your Data with Email Hygiene

Before you gather your data with a CDP, you’ll want to ensure that you maintain updated and accurate data. Whether you’re new to your role and inheriting a bunch of data sources that need to be organized, or you’re ready to discover new segments, build models, and deliver real-time personalization, you’ll want to make sure your data is in tip-top shape. To ensure your data is accurate, you’ll need email hygiene.

What is Email Hygiene?

Email hygiene is the process of identifying “problem” email accounts from email lists. Email hygiene can go above simple verification and validation by identifying harmful email addresses hiding in your data. Why does that matter exactly? An email list can be a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode at any minute. There are hidden threats within your email lists that can damage your ability to use your data properly, impact your sender reputation, and directly affect revenues. (Read What’s hiding in Your Email) Email hygiene can defuse the threats in your data and ensure that your next CDP will be happy.

Once your data is clean from harmful threats, you now want to gain more valuable customer insights from your previous lists with a Data Append Solution.

What is Data Appends?

Every month, about 3% of customer data becomes obsolete due to changing conditions as customers move, get married, or change names. Whatever the reasoning, this fact is why marketers are always in need of updated and accurate customer contact information. They can either obtain this information by searching for sufficient data or purchase new data. These options can lead to time lost, money wasted, and no guarantee that the information you have purchased is real. Data Appends is the best solution for marketers who need to fill in the missing or outdated information in their data lists.


Webbula can provide email hygiene AND Data Appends before you upload your data to a CDP. With our solutions, you will be able to clean your data with our industry-leading email hygiene and enhance your customer lists with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments.

Now that your data is ready to go, you’ll have multiple ways to best use your CDP, not only for data unification, but for identifying resolutions, real-time engagement across all channels, people-based marketing, and most importantly to make better data-driven business decisions. Just think about the opportunity that you have now that your data is cleaned. You now can better segment the data for marketing and analysis purposes, and also personalize your messaging more efficiently now that your data has been enriched with expanded information.

Before you migrate your data over to a CDP, be sure to use Webbula’s email hygiene and Data Appends services to get your data in tip-top shape.