How To Improve Customer Experience Through Customer Data

June 21, 2021

Customers are the heartbeat of every business. Whether a business survives or thrives depends on how quickly they anticipate the customer’s need, map their buying journey and engage efficiently throughout the journey to convert potential target audience into customers. Any data collected from the customers is the most valuable source of information that can help a company make decisions that fuel better customer experience and improved the bottom line.

The incredible technical advances over the last decade and the digitally connected business world enable businesses of all sizes to gather omnichannel customer data, analyze it quickly, and apply it instantaneously to personalize their customer’s buying experience.

As a B2B digital marketing expert, helping my clients improve their customer’s experience is a top priority. From design to content to multi-channel engagement strategy, customer experience is one of the key measurements. If you are a B2B  small-medium business struggling to identify metrics that will help you improve your customer’s experience, then this read is for you. Creating an engaging customer experience (CX) can provide a true competitive advantage. The question is where to start and how to make most of it with data that is currently available.

Engage Visitor With Persona-Based Content On All Your Digital Channels

The holy grail of marketing for any business is to be able to deliver the right content at the right time to the buyer. Collecting visitor data and mapping it to identify buying patterns can help an organization optimize its customer’s journey. Today there are several technologies, including some ingenious AI-driven technologies like the AIVA from, that can predict customer behaviour in real-time through analysis of customer data and trends to enhance the digital channel experience of the buyers.  Smart engagements can trigger a smooth buying experience by intuitively mapping the customer’s buying behaviour and presenting select content they are most likely to engage with.  Removing unnecessary steps from a customer’s buying process and shortening the journey can improve their experience tremendously.

Create an Uninterrupted & Frictionless Digital Experience

Today’s buyers engage with brands on multiple channels, across several devices, and on various platforms. Even on a single interaction, digitally connected customers frequently switch from channel to channel and engage with the brand in multitudes of modes. Yet, they demand a frictionless interaction, fully connected engagement and instantaneous gratification without any interruption on any channel of their choice. Make it simple for your clients to do business with you.  Customer data can help you identify what is working and what is not. Address the breaks in your customer’s potential journey and fix them quickly to create a seamless experience for your customers across all channels without interruption.  So that when they switch from their smartphone to their laptop, the conversation thread can be picked up on the next communication platform or device, precisely where it was left off at the previous device.

Anticipate and Solve Your Customers Problems Proactively

Utilize customer data to drive better closing rates and reduce abandoned cart rates by anticipating and resolving customer issues on the go. Observing customer behaviour and mapping the pattern can help you identify potential roadblocks in a customer’s journey. Knowing these roadblocks beforehand can help you engage with the client at the right moment and proactively provide the information and support required to help move forward in the journey proactively.

E.g. a digital camera company noticed that the abandoned cart rates were unusually high for a specific camera model on their eCommerce site. On further investigation, they discovered that the camera model in discussion needed a particular power cord – highlighted in the description section. However, the power cord was not easy to trace as it was hidden beneath pages of other popular accessories. The resolution was very simple. A hyperlink was created to guide the buyer directly from the camera page to the page of the power cord. Additionally, a pop-up suggested a list of accessories associated with the camera along with the power cord making it easy for the buyer to find all the required accessories. A small change in the overall setup of the website resulted in not only a 90% reduction of the abandoned cart rate for the specific camera model but also increased accessories sales by 150%.

Let Your Customers Decide How and When They want to Engage with you

These are just a few ways in which customer data can be harnessed to improve the digital buying experience of your target audience. Understanding customer behaviour has always been the backbone of successful marketing. It all starts with collecting the right data, analyzing the data and using it to power predictions and mapping customer’s buying behaviour.  The tricky part has always been to be able to do this in mass.   

Today’s technology-driven industry has a multitude of solutions that can help you improve your customer’s experience. Intelligent automation powered by Artificial Intelligence is the key to why today’s marketers can successfully deploy these solutions effortlessly and scale them to meet evolving needs over time.

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