Big sigh of relief for UK-EU data share

EU gives UK a post-Brexit four-year pass on data transfers

Gridlock has been averted by the European Commission, which gave an adequacy endorsement for the UK’s privacy protections. Pending approval by the individual EU countries, this will allow data sharing between the EU and UK, subject to monitoring and review.

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What happens to sensitive personal data we give to health, diet and fitness apps? Facebook happily collects much of it despite your best efforts

February 23, 2021

Testing conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed that Facebook's software collects data from many apps, regardless of whether a Facebook account is used to log in - or even whether the user is a Facebook member. That's because Apple and Google app stores don't require apps to disclose who they share data with, and research showed that in some cases there was almost immediate transfer of information to Facebook. New York State's Department of Financial Services has issued a detailed report and is investigating Facebook as the result of a call to action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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