Learning Center


CDP Institute offers online training and workshops to help companies buy and deploy Customer Data Platforms.  Check our event calendar for notice of public workshops.  Contact us directly if you would like to arrange a private workshop for your organization.  Workshops can be delivered remotely or in person. Click on the links below for online training.

Pre-Purchase Workshop

This workshop is for organizations that want to understand what CDPs do, whether a CDP would be a good investment in their situation, and how to select the right CDP. 

Topics Include: 

  • CDP concepts, definition, and architecture;
  • How to know if you need a CDP
  • Defining CDP use cases
  • Selecting the right CDP

Length: Half-Day

Post-Purchase Workshop

This workshop is for organizations that have selected a CDP and are preparing for deployment. 

Topics Include:

  • CDP capabilities
  • Relation of CDP to other systems
  • Identifying CDP use cases
  • Defining data requirements and assessing data quality
  • Identifying necessary resources, planning a successful deployment
  • Measuring CDP results

Length: Half-Day


Online Course: Identity Resolution

This free online course is provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of identity resolution technology and issues. Each module includes several lessons with video lecture, exercises, and downloadable supplemental materials.

Sponsored by Teavaro and CDP Institute.

Topics include:

  • Identity Resolution Fundamentals
  • Identity Graphs
  • Data Privacy and Identity Resolution
  • Benefits of Identity Resolution.

Length: Approximately two hours total. Users can complete the course at their own pace.