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Identity Resolution: The Key to Customer Data Value (Leadspace)

Today’s marketers often struggle with fragmented customer data. The CDPI and Leadspace explore the problems this can cause and solutions for creating unified customer profiles.

The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms (Twilio Segment)

Businesses are producing and handling more data than ever before. Segment details how a CDP can help you manage it all.

BlendeeID: overcome deprecation (Blendee)

Cookie deprecation has begun impacting marketers and publishers. Learn how the Blendee CDP leverages first- and third-party data to help you navigate this new landscape.

Ultimate Customer Data Platform Guide (Hightouch)

Companies are figuring out how to power growth with first-party customer data. Hightouch details how a composable CDP can help.

Zeotap RealCDP Audit Report (Zeotap)

Zeotap CDP's SaaS platform hosted in Google Cloud supports B2C companies in a variety of industries.

Lemnisk RealCDP Audit Report (Lemnisk)

Lemnisk is a B2C SaaS CDP platform that can operate wholly in the cloud or in a hybrid model where PII is stored on-premise at the client.

Blueshift: Smarter Cross-Channel Marketing, Powered by Unified Data (Blueshift)

Data is crucial to achieving desired marketing results. Learn how the Blueshift CDP uses unified data and AI to power effective marketing across channels.

Demo Series: Mobilize Your Customer Data with Snowflake and Blueshift (Blueshift)

Ready to tap into and fully unlock the power of your Snowflake data for customer engagement? Blueshift has the answer. And you don’t need IT to do it.

Rocking Retail with AI: 3 Steps that Set the Stage for Long-Lasting Customer Relationships (Blueshift)

Explore how Sweetwater, the leading online music retailer, leverages AI to deliver personalized, one-to-one engagements that foster lifelong customer relationships.

Expert Perspective: Deep Dive into CDPs (Blueshift)

David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute, and Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift, answer some of the most important questions about CDPs.

Redpoint Global RealCDP Audit Certificate (Redpoint Global)

Redpoint Global is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

Microsoft RealCDP Audit Certificate (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights)

Microsoft is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute. RealCDP Audit Certificate (Lentra (was is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

BlueConic RealCDP Audit Certificate (BlueConic)

BlueConic is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

Twilio Segment RealCDP Audit Report (Twilio Segment)

Segment meets all RealCDP certification criteria with the Segment Customer Data Platform (CDP) that supports B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies.

Teavaro RealCDP Audit Report (Teavaro)

Teavaro supports B2C companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that integrates data of any type into a unified customer profile and stores full histories on customers and prospects in MongoDB and Postgres databases.

Tealium RealCDP Audit Report (Tealium)

The Tealium Customer Data Hub (CDH) is made up of 5 modules: TiQ Tag Management; EventStream API Hub; AudienceStream CDP; DataAccess; and PredictML.

TCS RealCDP Audit Report (TCS)

TCS CI&I CDP supports B2C companies in select industries with a platform that can be hosted in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.

Xtremepush RealCDP Audit Report (Xtremepush)

Xtremepush CDP's SaaS platform hosted in AWS (can be private cloud as well) supports B2C companies in a variety of industries.

Resulticks RealCDP Audit Report (Resulticks)

The Resulticks CDP platform supports B2C and B2B (and hybrid) companies across a wide variety of industries in APAC (primarily), EMEA and North America.

NGDATA RealCDP Audit Report (NGDATA)

NGDATA meets all RealCDP certification criteria with Intelligent Engagement Platform.

mParticle RealCDP Audit Report (mParticle)

mParticle CDP supports a wide variety of B2C companies in North America, EMEA and APAC (6 offices globally) with a cloud-based SaaS platform hosted in AWS.

Amperity RealCDP Audit Report (Amperity)

Amperity's CDP system is an Enterprise level CDP for B2C companies and comes in four modules.

Adobe RealCDP Audit Report (Adobe Real-Time CDP)

Adobe Real-Time CDP meets all core RealCDP certification requirements.

ActionIQ RealCdP Audit Report (ActionIQ)

ActionIQ CDP supports both B2C and B2B enterprises across a variety of industries with a SaaS platform hosted in AWS.

Acquia RealCDP Audit Report (Acquia CDP)

Specializing in B2C data, Acquia CDP sits on a Snowflake server and is delivered as a multi-tenant SaaS solution supported by real-time APIs to capture, process, store, and deliver first, second, and third-party customer data.

Algonomy RealCDP Audit Report (Algonomy)

Algonomy Real Time CDP provides a fully comprehensive CDP platform designed to meet the needs of retailers and companies with similar business models (CPG, quick-serve restaurants).

FirstHive RealCDP Audit Report (FirstHive)

FirstHive CDP supports B2C and B2B companies with a SaaS CDP platform that can be either cloud-based or on-premise.

Salesforce RealCDP Audit Report (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Salesforce Data Cloud is a SaaS CDP platform hosted in AWS supporting both B2C and B2B companies.

Zeta Global RealCDP Audit Report (Zeta)

Zeta CDP+ supports both B2C and B2B companies across a wide variety of industries with a SaaS offering hosted in AWS.

Optimove RealCDP Audit Report (Optimove)

Optimove CDP's SaaS platform can be hosted in the cloud or on a company's private servers and supports both B2C and B2B companies (primarily B2C).

Dun & Bradstreet RealCDP Audit Report (Dun & Bradstreet)

D&B Rev.Up ABX CDP supports B2B companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform designed to help business (non-technical) users improve marketing and sales efforts in a no-code environment.

Blueshift RealCDP Audit Report (Blueshift)

Blueshift's SmartHub CDP supports B2C companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that is smart, robust and easy-to-use (no code).

Omni-Channel Retailers: Top 5 CDP Use Cases for Seamless Customer Experiences (FirstHive)

In the world of retail, customer experience reigns supreme. FirstHive details how a CDP helps you deliver high-quality CX across channels.

CPG: Top 5 CDP Use Cases for Seamless Customer Experiences (FirstHive)

Today’s retailers are striving to deliver personalized CX that drives loyalty. FirstHive shows how a CDP facilitates the process.

Insuring Success: Unleashing the Power of CDPs in the Insurance Sector (FirstHive)

Staying competitive in today’s insurance landscape means driving engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. FirstHive details how a CDP makes this possible.

A Buyer’s Guide to Composable CDPs (Actable)

The composable CDP is perhaps the most confusing topic in today’s martech space. Actable provides core insights and guidance to help buyers.

Informatica and Leadspace: The AI-Driven Growth Engine (Leadspace)

Leadspace and Informatica will share best practices in utilizing AI to create real-time profiles, target accounts with the highest buying propensity, build persona-based segments/campaigns and fuel sales to qualify and close demand.

Identity Resolution Explained: Profile the Right Prospects (Leadspace)

This lively webinar will cover key drivers and case studies for successful identity resolution implementations including anonymous web visitor discovery, personal-to-business profile matching, lead-to-account matching, and data unification across data sources.

Building B2B Buyer Profiles (Leadspace)

Achieving high-quality, up-to-date B2B buyer data is often easier said than done. Learn how the Leadspace CDP maintains accurate data and uses it effectively.

The Total Economic Impact Of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, And Customer Journey Analytics (Adobe Real-Time CDP)

The Adobe Real-Time CDP collects data across all channels to create real-time profiles and audiences. Learn more in this Forrester TEI Report.

Breuninger Case Study (Zeotap)

A German fashion and lifestyle retailer wanted to enhance their retargeting efforts. Learn how the Zeotap CDP led to a 30% increase in cost order turnover.

DMP to CDP: Why Transition Now? (Zeotap)

The DMP and CDP play distinct roles in the world of customer data management. Zeotap outlines the key differences and explains why you should transition to a CDP.

Mt. Hood Meadows Case Study (Ascent360)

A popular mountain resort wanted to communicate with their guests in a personalized and meaningful way. See how the Ascent360 CDP provided segmentation and unified data to increase click-through rates and event registrations.

Mirror Lake Inn Case Study (Ascent360)

A family-owned luxury resort and spa struggled to share real-time information with their guests. Learn how the Ascent360 CDP unified the data and drove higher revenue.

Embracing The Algorithmic Shift: Revolutionizing Customer Experience by Leveraging CDP-Driven Artificial Intelligence (Lemnisk)

AI is powering a new era of customer experience. Lemnisk details how a CDP can help you leverage AI to the fullest.

Beyond the Toy Store Shelf: Mattel’s Digital Transformation, Explained (BlueConic)

In this fireside chat, learn how Mattel used BlueConic for customer-centricity across its brands.

Simply Business Case Study (BlueConic)

One of the largest business insurance providers in the UK wanted to improve visitor-to-buyer conversion rates. Learn how BlueConic helped them do so with unified profiles.

The Paradox of Personalization: Balancing Consumer Expectations with Privacy Concerns (BlueConic)

Even though consumers want personalized experiences, they despise companies knowing so much about them. BlueConic details how to find a happy medium.

10 Things Your CDP Vendor May Not Be Telling You (BlueConic)

Companies across industries are choosing a CDP to improve customer relationships by using data efficiently. BlueConic provides questions to ask to help choose the right CDP for your needs.

Composable vs Packaged CDP Worksheets (CDP Institute)

Deciding between a Composable CDP and a Packaged CDP should be based on careful comparison. The CDP Institute has prepared these worksheets to help you gather the information needed for this decision.

Beyond the Branch: Building Digital Customer Relationships in Banking (NGDATA)

Banks have an incredible wealth of customer data, but many don’t know how to use it. NGDATA shows how a customer data strategy can optimize efforts.

Become Truly Customer-Centric (NGDATA)

Traditional financial institutions have operated in a product-centric way. NGDATA details why and how to put the customer at the heart of operations instead.

Become the Bank of the Future, Today (NGDATA)

Financial institutions need to deepen their understanding of their customers. NGDATA explains how to achieve a 360 degree view.

Retail Media and the Role of CDP (Zeotap)

Companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer engagement. Zeotap explains how a CDP makes retail media work at its best.

Introduction to Composable CDP (CDP Institute)

Few topics in the customer data platform industry have caused as much confusion as composable CDPs. This CDP Institute paper describes the topic objectively to help buyers make an informed choice.

The Zebra Case Study (Hightouch)

A leading insurance marketplace wanted to improve personalization in its marketing campaigns. Hightouch explains how its composable CDP boosted match rates by +170%.

ANWB Case Study (GX)

The largest membership organization in the Netherlands wanted to make their online communications more relevant. See how GX guided them to several personalization milestones.

Roularta Case Study (GX)

A Belgian multimedia group needed to balance consent and privacy in their targeted advertising. Learn how GX provided the needed data skills.

Boost your ABM strategy with a CDP (GX)

Self-directed buying has significantly changed B2B sales. GX explains how a CDP can help you keep up.

Look-alike Modeling: An effective way to find high-value prospects (GX)

Targeting the right audiences can be difficult. GX explains how look-alike modeling lets you easily identify high-value prospects.

Benchmark Report 2023: Cross-Channel Marketing (Blueshift)

Customers expect dynamic engagement from brands across multiple different channels. This Blueshift analysis of messages sent by its users explores the most effective means of doing so.

The Complete Guide to the Composable CDP (Hightouch)

Organizations are working with more data than ever before. Hightouch details how a composable CDP provides flexibility and time to value.

Industry Update January 2024 (CDP Institute)

What’s new in the CDP industry? This report from the CDPI shares the latest trends.

Identifying the best solution for the cookie-less future of digital marketing in the open internet (Teavaro)

It can be difficult to identify users within the open internet. Teavaro explores the available options for identity resolution, even without cookies.

Why do Telco companies need a CDP? (Zeotap)

Telco operators need to enhance customer touchpoints and expedite digitization. Zeotap details how a CDP makes it possible.

Developing a Connected Experiences Vision (Resulticks)

Connected Experience is hailed as the next great audience engagement paradigm, but what does it actually mean? In this webinar, David and Susan Raab, Co-Founders of the CDP Institute, join Resulticks CTO Mani Gopalaratnam in an eye-opening conversation on this major paradigm shift, its multiple facets, and the developments in technology such as CDP to accommodate its emergence.

Fred Perry Case Study (Ometria)

An iconic fashion brand wanted to understand its VIP customers. Learn how the Ometria CDP made it possible.

Hotel Chocolat x Ometria (Ometria)

See how Ometria helps Hotel Chocolat deliver what they do.

Steve Madden x Ometria – full case study (Ometria)

Find out how Ometria’s retail-focused team and technology help iconic brand Steve Madden to better understand their customers and create cross-channel experiences that resonate.

Customer data and experience platforms: The definitive buying guide for retailers (Ometria)

Customer experience is crucial for retailers globally. Ometria details how its platform helps retailers meet expectations.

Steve Madden Case Study (Ometria)

A shoe company wanted to optimize CX by understanding its customers. Ometria explains how its customer data platform brought together multiple data feeds to create a single view.

Sephora Case Study (Ometria)

A major beauty brand was returning to the UK via an acquisition and rebrand. Learn how the Ometria CDP kept the process focused on customers.

Ledbury Case Study (Ometria)

A luxury shirt brand needed to effectively reach customers in various new locations. See how Ometria used segmentation and omnichannel marketing to drive a 27% increase in revenue.

Core capabilities and considerations: a retail marketer’s definitive checklist (Ometria)

Retailers have specific needs that their martech must fulfill. This checklist from Ometria details those needs so your RFP includes them all.

An advanced guide to Marketing Automation in Retail (Ometria)

Retailers need to make their marketing messages relevant to the person receiving them. Ometria explains how automation can help.

How to make your tech stack work harder for you during BFCM (Ometria)

Black Friday is a crucial event for retailers. Ometria details seven ways marketers can prepare by optimizing their tech stack.

The Total Economic Impact Of The Amperity Customer Data Platform (Amperity)

The Amperity CDP creates a unified view of first-party data from fragmented sources. Learn more in this Forrester TEI report.

Omni-Channel Personalization Powered by Customer Data Platforms (Zeotap)

Easier access to detailed customer data has made sophisticated personalization possible. The CDPI and Zeotap describe how a customer data platform can make it happen.

Privacy’s Playground: Why protecting children’s data is everyone’s concern (CDP Institute)

Susan Raab of the CDP Institute explains key laws and best practices regarding children’s data privacy.

Identity resolution lays the groundwork for stronger media activation through customer data platforms (Epsilon PeopleCloud)

A CDP delivers unified cross-channel customer data. The CDPI and Epsilon explain how identity resolution makes this tool even stronger.

Customer Data Platform: Data Governance for Marketing Performance (Commanders Act)

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of data to their growth. Commanders Act explains how to govern data at an organization-wide level.

Online Course: Evaluating Vendor Capabilities and Reducing Program Risk (CDP Institute)

In this free online course sponsored by Scal-e, Tealium, Treasure Data, and CDP Institute, learn how to evaluate vendor capabilities, develop scenarios and RFPs, and effectively manage program risks.

The Deprecation of Third Party Cookies (Relay42)

In this ebook, Relay42 describes the impact of the demise of third-party cookies on digital marketing and the strategies marketers can employ to adapt to a cookieless world.

CDP Institute 2023 Member Survey: Success in an Era of Limits (CDP Institute)

What is slowing data unification efforts and what might be the result? This survey of CDPI members has the answers, as well as other industry insights.

How Vertical CDPs Accelerate Success (TCS)

A CDP makes customer data usable in the form of unified profiles. The CDPI and TCS describe how a vertical CDP adds value in various ways.

CDP and Loyalty Systems: Better Together (TCS)

Loyalty programs are very important to modern customer relationships. The CDPI and TCS explain how a CDP can help make your loyalty programs successful.

CDPs and Data Warehouses (Zeta)

A CDP and a data warehouse both manage customer data, but each has its own unique strengths. The CDPI and Zeta explain the key differences and how to optimize use of both.

Email Isn’t Dead: How to Revive Your Email Marketing Strategy and Increase Sales (Ascent360)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at email marketing best practices for retail, resort & brand marketers.

How To Jumpstart Your Marketing & Customer Retention (Ascent360)

Discover how to turn your customer data into sales through targeted, personalized and automated emails.

Ascent360 Introduction (Ascent360)

Learn how to use your data with Ascent360.

Angel Fire Case Study (Ascent360)

A four-season resort in New Mexico wanted to improve their email marketing. Learn how Ascent360 used segmentation to generate $125k in revenue from a single campaign.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Driven Marketing (Ascent360)

Using data is increasingly important to marketing. Ascent360 provides a four-step plan to master it.

Take Your Resort Marketing From Bunny Hill to Black Diamond (Ascent360)

Ski and four-season resorts have a wide range of guests with vastly different interests. Ascent360 details how to use customer data effectively to keep them coming back.

4 B2C Campaigns and Templates to Maximize Impact & Sales (Ascent360)

Segmentation is key to personalized marketing and increased engagement. Ascent360 explores the high-performing campaigns you should implement.

CDP for Resort Marketing (Ascent360)

Resort marketing presents numerous special challenges. Ascent360 explains how a CDP can help.

Why you need identity resolution for paid media optimisation in walled gardens (Teavaro)

Many companies look to paid media to connect to audiences. Teavaro details how identity resolution in walled gardens is beneficial.

Balancing Privacy and Activation: Raw PII Data Encryption in CDPs (Zeotap)

Brands are facing a predicament when it comes to sharing first-party data due to misuse concerns. Zeotap shows how a CDP can encrypt PII so marketers can safely use it.

Ensuring Data Privacy Rights: Data Subject Requests in CDPs (Zeotap)

In the modern digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to protect data privacy rights. Zeotap explains how a customer data platform can help businesses do so.

Privacy-First Consent Orchestration in Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) (Zeotap)

Data privacy is increasingly crucial for marketers. Zeotap details how a CDP can help them manage consent.

How AI is Transforming CDPs (Optimove)

AI tools are becoming increasingly powerful. The CDPI and Optimove show how AI can add value to a customer data platform and what changes companies can expect.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide (Amperity)

Getting value from a CDP means choosing the one that best suits your enterprise’s needs. Amperity details what questions to ask providers.

Rethinking Digital Marketing in a Post-Cookie Era (Relay42)

The end of third-party cookies will change digital marketing in many ways. This report from Relay42 explores how prepared brands are for these changes.

Chemist Warehouse Case Study (Meiro)

A large pharmacy retailer lacked a holistic view of its customers. Learn how the Meiro CDP drove 25% retail media growth.

Wyze Case Study (RudderStack)

A smart home tech company wanted to boost online sales and fuel growth. RudderStack details how their tools made it possible.

Southeast Asia Retail Bank Case Study (Meiro)

A large retail bank in Southeast Asia struggled with data silos and fragmented customer identities. Learn how the Meiro CDP made advertising budgets 10% more efficient and improved CTR by 160%.

CDP Industry Profile: Learnings from the RealCDP Audit Survey (CDP Institute)

The CDP Institute’s RealCDPTM program captures over 200 data points on each vendor it certifies. This report uses that data to explore the contours of the CDP industry.

AdWeek Webinar: Bring your customers out of the dark (Epsilon PeopleCloud)

In this webinar, Tyler McDaniel of Epsilon and guest speaker Forrester analyst Joe Stanhope discuss the role CDPs play in the marketing industry today and why enhancing existing first-party data is critical to better analysis and measurement.

Epsilon IDC Commentary (Epsilon PeopleCloud)

A new IDC Link commentary reviews Epsilon’s Digital CDP solution, saying it allows marketers to activate at scale in a matter of weeks.

Unpacking the privacy-centric CDP (Lytics)

Enterprises are working through how to comply with privacy rules all over the world. Lytics explains how its CDP works with Google BigQuery to make the process easier.

Lytics composable CDP product demo (Lytics)

Learn how Lytics can help today’s customer-centric organizations use first-party data to optimize all aspects of their business.

Lytics RealCDP Audit Report (Lytics)

Lytics CDP is a modularized SaaS platform optimized to run on Google Cloud Platform (can also be hosted on AWS or Azure) and supports both B2C and B2B companies in a variety of industries.

Profit Through Profiling (Acquia CDP)

This virtual workshop explores all the benefits of a CDP, how to determine the right solution for your business, and how to make the most of its capabilities.

An IT manager’s guide to building or buying a CDP (Adobe Real-Time CDP)

Customer data platforms have been growing in popularity for years. The CDPI and Adobe explain how to decide whether to buy one or extend your company’s existing systems.

Decision Engine Getting Started Demo (Lytics)

Lytics Decision Engine helps marketers deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Lytics Conductor Tour (Lytics)

Conductor puts the power of Lytics’ industry-leading identity resolution & profile building capabilities in your hands through an all-new easy-to-use interface.

The new MarTech stack (Lytics)

Marketers are continuing to invest more money and resources into data-driven initiatives. Lytics details what tools are the best for your tech stack.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study for Oracle Unity CDP (Oracle)

Discover the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Online Course: Use Case Creation (SAP)

In this free online course sponsored by SAP and the CDP Institute, learn what a use case is, what it’s used for, and how to build one.

Building Trust Beyond Compliance (Treasure Data)

The process of privacy compliance can be very complicated. Treasure Data explains how a CDP can streamline it.

Online Course: Build, Buy, or Compose (CDP Institute)

In this free online course sponsored by Lytics, mParticle, and the CDP Institute, learn how to pick the best approach to delivering a CDP at your company.

Why Do Luxury Retailers Need a CDP? (Zeotap)

Luxury retail brands took a significant hit during the pandemic. Zeotap explains how a CDP can help them adapt to ecommerce changes.

The marketer’s guide to the cookie-less galaxy (Meiro)

This guide from Meiro takes you on the journey of surviving the 3rd-party cookie deprecation apocalypse.

Embrace the Possibilities: CDP Use Cases to Drive Efficiency, Profitability and Growth (Treasure Data)

Connecting all of your customer data is a necessity for customer experience and loyalty. Treasure Data details how its CDP makes it possible.

The Time to Start Holiday Planning is Now (Amperity)

Getting ready for the holiday season means learning from your customer data. Amperity details what steps to take during the year.

Extracting Value from First-Party Data: A Roadmap for the Transition from DMP to CDP (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Both the DMP and the CDP work with first-party data. The CDPI and Salesforce detail how these platforms differ and why you should transition to a CDP.

Relay42 RealCDP Audit Report (Relay42)

Relay42 provides a solid CDP solution for B2C companies in a wide variety of industries.

Benefits of Identity Resolution (Teavaro)

Identity resolution helps with personalization and attribution. Teavaro explains how it works.

Customer Data Platform: How to implement Data Governance in your organization? (Commanders Act)

Data governance is important to using growing amounts of customer data. The CDPI and Commanders Act explain what it is and how a customer data platform can support it.

Cracking Tomorrow’s CX Code (SAS)

If your CX isn’t working, you’re not alone. Learn more from SAS and CMO Council.

Composable or Integrated CDP? Making the Right Choice for Your Business (Treasure Data)

It’s always important to choose the best martech solution for your business needs. The CDPI and Treasure Data explain what factors to consider.

Unlock Rich Insights with CDP & Analytics (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Learn how to better understand and connect with customers by combining data and insights from across systems to enrich your single source of truth, drive personalization, and increase speed to value.

Salesforce Data Cloud Demo (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Enjoy the Customer Data Cloud demo.

How Salesforce Turns Data into Meaningful Customer Moments (Salesforce Data Cloud)

See how we use our Customer Data Platform to make compelling customer moments that become trusted relationships.

Discover the power of Data Cloud for Marketing (Salesforce Data Cloud)

In this demo video, learn how you can use Data Cloud for Marketing to deliver marketing success now.

Trusted Marketing and Ethical Personalization for Marketers (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Are you grappling with how to balance consumer personalization demand with consumer privacy expectations? We’ll share guidance for using data ethically and employing trust-building personalization.

What’s Going On? The Future of Data-Driven Marketing & Ads (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Marketers are facing real challenges when it comes to balancing privacy and relevance to create trusted customer relationships. Join us as we discuss how you can succeed in the new data revolution.

Customer Data Platforms: Delivering Real-Time CX and Personalization at Scale for Global Brands (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Many businesses are undergoing digital transformations to improve CX. This report from Salesforce explains how a CDP can help.

The Pivot to First-Party Data: How Three Big Brands Embraced It to Transform Their Business (BlueConic)

Discover how companies like HEINEKEN USA, Mattel, and VF Corporation are embracing a first-party data strategy that offers customer value and delivers business growth.

Comoto Revs Up Omnichannel Marketing Efforts Across Their Family of Brands (BlueConic)

See how the Comoto Family of Brands is unlocking its marketing potential with first-party data.

BlueConic Platform Overview (BlueConic)

Learn more about BlueConic and how its CDP can power your data-driven processes to accelerate growth.

Data Clean Rooms: The Key to Marketing Measurement in the Privacy-First Era (BlueConic)

BlueConic explains why data clean rooms are providing a viable alternative for closed-loop advertising and marketing measurement.

Debunking the Four Myths of Consumer Data Privacy (BlueConic)

Learn from BlueConic how you can embrace a more proactive approach to consumer data privacy.

Endeavor Business Media Case Study (BlueConic)

Learn how Endeavor Business Media uses BlueConic to influence visitor engagement and orchestrate visitor-led journeys that drive conversions.

Musti Group Case Study (Optimove)

A Nordic pet care specialist was hampered by the spread of data across multiple systems. See how Optimove unified the data and maximized personalization.

IDT Case Study (Optimove)

A leading telecommunications business wanted to automate personalization and speed up segmentation. Learn how Optimove helped launch more than 200 new campaigns per year.

The CRM Manager’s Evolution Curve (Optimove)

CRM managers, like all professionals, always want to improve their performance. Optimove explores multiple levels in their evolution process.

How to Treat Every Customer Campaign as a Marketing Experiment (Optimove)

Measuring customer marketing efforts is crucial to success. Optimove details how to do so in monetary terms.

Are You Really Doing Omni-Channel ABM? Probably Not. (Dun & Bradstreet)

Omni-channel marketing means seamless targeting throughout the buying process. Dun & Bradstreet details how to make sure your company is doing it properly.

Anonymous Visits Are Lost Opportunities: Why Website Visitor Identification is A Must for Modern B2B Marketing (Dun & Bradstreet)

B2B marketers need to connect individuals to businesses, which is difficult when many website visitors are anonymous. The CDPI and Dun & Bradstreet explain how to identify these visitors.

State of the CDP 2023 (Tealium)

The CDP is more valuable to users than ever. Tealium analyzes the benefits in the fourth edition of its annual report.

Using Customer Data to Deliver the Best Buyer Experience (Leadspace)

B2B decision makers face a highly disjointed process. The CDPI and Leadspace explain how to create a well-orchestrated approach.

Virgin Media O2 Case Study (Zeotap)

A British mass media and telecommunications company wanted to improve customer targeting. Zeotap details how its CDP unified data to allow better segmentation.

Unidad Editorial Case Study (Zeotap)

A Spanish multimedia communication group needed to meet different customers’ needs. Learn how Zeotap helped increase efficiency and click-through rate.

How to increase conversion rate and optimise your acquisition campaign with a better targeting (Zeotap)

A poor targeting in your acquisition campaigns online can lead to a great deal of media wastage. You can optimise your audience by suppressing irrelevant individuals from an advertising campaign based on specific campaign goals and objectives in order to increase efficiency in results.

Using Zeotap suppression helped VMO2 to save £1M and bring more new customers (Zeotap)

In this video you will learn how Virgin Media O2, the UK’s most iconic brands for mass media and telecommunications, saved £1M on paid media, with a smarter, more efficient targeting by suppressing existing customers using Zeotap CDP.

Google Cloud Tech Talks: how Virgin Media O2 saved £1M using Zeotap CDP (Zeotap)

In this interview, delivered by Zeotap’s Chief Business Officer & Managing Director, Florian Lichtwald, and Andy Lewis, Head of Paid Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media O2, learn how this British mass media and telecommunications giant managed to decrease Cost per Acquisition (CPA) on their paid media campaign.

The Value Exchange (Zeotap)

Consumers now evaluate brands based on data privacy practices. Zeotap explains how to meet expectations.

The ROI of a Customer Data Platform (Twilio Segment)

Organizations can reap many benefits from a CDP. Segment shares real ROI examples.

AIA Philippines Accelerates Digital Transformation With Lemnisk’s Customer Data Platform (Lemnisk)

AIA Philippines, part of AIA Group, recently onboarded Lemnisk Customer Data Platform to accelerate digital transformation and increase the share of its digital insurance business as part of its broader “Healthier Longer Better Lives” vision for Filipinos.

The Fundamentals of First-Party Data (Twilio Segment)

First-party data is the future of digital marketing. Segment details how to harness it.

Managing Data for AI: Role of the CDP (Treasure Data)

The role of AI in business has expanded virtually overnight. The CDPI and Treasure Data detail how to successfully implement it.

Why you should solve identity resolution on your data warehouse (RudderStack)

Identity resolution can help create a unified customer view. RudderStack explains the role of a data warehouse in this process.

How suppressing existing customers from paid media saved Virgin Media O2 £1M (Zeotap)

On Day 1 of DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Expo & Conference, Daniel Heer (Founder & CEO at Zeotap) and Andy Lewis (Head of Paid Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media O2) broke down their paid media suppression use case, which saved Virgin Media O2 a staggering £1M while bringing more customers in return.

The Data Maturity Guide (RudderStack)

The data stack has grown into a sprawling ecosystem of tools. RudderStack provides a framework to help you determine what tools best serve your needs.

Joybird Case Study (RudderStack)

An online furniture manufacturer wanted to connect website visitors’ activity to downstream platforms. Learn how RudderStack took control of customer data to make it happen.

Extending the real-time CDP with AI-driven personalization (TCS)

Many brands struggle to get the unified customer view they need. TCS explains how both a CDP and AI can help.

E-learning course about Identity Resolution (Teavaro)

In this course from Teavaro and the CDP Institute, learn about the benefits of identity resolution for marketers in an increasingly regulated and complex data environment. Go to to see more.

Take your Customer Data Strategy to the Next Level (SAP)

Learn how you can integrate customer data into your business processes, deliver CX that strengthens loyalty, and optimize emerging revenue opportunities.

Discover SAP Customer Data Platform (SAP)

Find out how you can deliver relevance and personalization at every in-person and digital touch point across channels with SAP Customer Data Platform.

Credit Company Case Study (FirstHive)

A leading credit company needed to integrate user data across several channels. FirstHive details how their CDP solved the problem and helped increase lead acquisition.

Insurance Company Case Study (FirstHive)

An insurance company struggled to work with siloed data across multiple channels. Learn how FirstHive created better CX by integrating the data.

Insurance Case Study (FirstHive)

A leading insurance provider was wasting resources on poor quality leads. Learn how FirstHive helped them cut costs with personalized customer journey orchestration.

Build or Buy: What’s the Right Customer Data Management Approach for Your Business? (Acquia CDP)

Leveraging customer data is crucial to successful marketing efforts. Acquia explains how to find the best management solution for your needs.

4 Types of CDP: Which is Right For You? (Relay42)

The customer data platform marketplace has exploded recently. Relay42 helps you distinguish between the various options.

Customer Data Platform Implementation Guide (Acquia CDP)

Implementing a new CDP can be challenging. Acquia provides tips to make it easier.

Total Economic Impact of Acquia CDP (Acquia CDP)

The Acquia CDP provides a unified customer view, advanced segmentation, and more. Learn all about it in this Forrester TEI report.

The State of Customer Journey Management (Treasure Data)

Providing great customer journeys is crucial to improving revenue and increasing growth. Treasure Data explains how a CDP can help.

Turn Data in Action with TCS AI-powered, Customer Analytics and Real-time CDP (TCS)

Discover how TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ (CI&I), an AI-powered customer analytics and real-time CDP software, captures data from multiple sources and converts it into insights and actions.

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights Retail (TCS)

Is your shopping interaction with your customers truly personalized? TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ (CI&I) goes beyond horizontal analytics with pre-built, industry-specific use cases.

AI-Driven Personalization Drives Emotional Loyalty (TCS)

Discover how TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ (CI&I) next-gen loyalty solution helps retailers deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences.

How Machine Learning Enables Digital Experts to Break Through the Data Bottleneck? (Relay42)

Companies with a new CDP face the challenge of how to effectively use their user profiles. The CDPI and Relay42 explain how machine learning can help.

Navigating the digital world without third-party cookies (SAS)

The third-party cookie era is coming to an end. Learn how the SAS CDP can give you a significant headstart in this new marketing world.

SAS Real-Time CDP Demo Video (SAS)

Want to see for yourself what SAS can do?

Customer Journey Management by SAS (SAS)

Watch this video to learn how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 enables brands to manage the customer journey for personalized relevance across every interaction.

Getting the Best CDP Starts with the Right RFP (Zeta)

In this whitepaper, the CDPI and Zeta explain how to optimize the CDP selection process by building an RFP that asks the right questions and accompanying it with other important steps.

Vendor Privacy Survey Report (CDP Institute)

Can a CDP replace your Consent Management Platform?  The CDP Institute analyzed capabilities of 40+ vendors to find the answer to this and other important questions.

Enterprise Customer Data Platforms for Dummies (Treasure Data)

An enterprise CDP can help marketers leverage all of their customer data. Treasure Data details what you need to know about this tool.

How Brands Can Thrive in 2022 (Zeta)

In this ebook, Zeta combines the industry’s most prominent leaders’ insights and predictions with research and data to prepare marketers for 2022.

Algonomy CDP Brochure (Algonomy)

Giving customers a personalized experience is more important than ever. Algonomy details how its CDP helps its clients achieve this and related goals.

Large American Supermarket Chain Case Study (Algonomy)

A privately-owned supermarket chain wanted to improve customer engagement. Read about how the Algonomy CDP used data to increase digital account growth and revenue.

Consum Case Study (Algonomy)

Siloed data kept a large grocery chain from implementing omnichannel personalization. Learn how Algonomy made it possible.

Data Quality for Marketers (Redpoint Global)

Business decisions rely on quality data. The CDPI and Redpoint Global explain how marketers can meet the challenge.

An overview of mParticle (mParticle)

Learn what mParticle is and how it can help your team simplify your customer data infrastructure today!

CDP Use Cases: What Users Want (CDP Institute)

The CDPI’s Use Case Generator helps users define their CDP requirements. This report analyzes aggregate results to show what matters most to users.  Find out which data sources, CDP features, result measures, and use case goals are most common, and how to use this information to improve CDP results.

The Business Case for Data Usability (Zeta)

In this ebook, Zeta explores the key elements of data usability and provides criteria to identify solutions that will help you unlock more value from data.

Customer Data Platform vs Data Management Platform (Relay42)

The CDP and DMP are both innovative tools that can help marketers produce hyper-personalized messages. Relay42 explains the key similarities and differences.

CDP Beyond Marketing: Unifying Data Across the Organization (Treasure Data)

Meeting the need for more actionable data has never been more challenging. The CDPI and Treasure Data detail how marketers can meet that need.

Time to Invest in a Customer Data Platform (Commanders Act)

Of all the data management systems out there, what makes a CDP different? The CDPI and Commanders Act explain.

The Third-Party Data Deprecation Playbook (BlueConic)

BlueConic shares four strategies for successfully navigating the ongoing changes in the privacy-first era.

Protection of children’s personal data and where reforms are needed (CDP Institute)

How is children’s privacy being protected around the world? This paper from the CDPI explains the latest laws and recommends future steps. This article was first published in the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, Volume 4 Number 4, published by Henry Stewart Publications, London,

Zeta CDP+ Video (Zeta)

Watch this video to learn how Zeta’s CDP is addressing the changing market dynamics around customer data management.

Where CDP Fits In Your Tech Stack (Treasure Data)

Understanding the CDP means seeing the big picture from its many capabilities. The CDPI and Treasure Data provide everything you need to know.

Advertiser Perceptions: Preparing for a Future Without Third-Party Cookies & IDFA (Treasure Data)

Advertisers are facing major challenges from privacy regulations and updates. Treasure Data details how first-party data can help with navigating the future.

Emirates NBD Case Study (Lemnisk)

One of the leading banks in the MENAT region wanted to enhance CX and boost online conversions. Learn how the Lemnisk CDP created a single customer view for optimal personalization.

116 Customer Data Platform Use Cases (Lemnisk)

A CDP can help marketers benefit from a single customer view. Lemnisk explains how this applies to banking, retail, telecom, and more.

Future-Proofing Customer Experience in an Evolving Martech Landscape (Lemnisk)

Marketers need to act quickly to find CX solutions that won’t be affected by large market forces. Lemnisk explains how a CDP can help.

Marketing Privacy: Navigating Customer Care in a Fast-Changing Environment (CDP Institute)

Susan Raab of the CDP Institute explains the role of marketing in privacy issues and why it matters now more than ever.

Zeta Company Overview (Zeta)

Learn how Zeta helps you overcome the fragmentation of the martech ecosystem and make the most of your company’s data.

CarParts Case Study (Blueshift)

An online auto parts retailer wanted to deliver relevant messages via behavior-triggered campaigns. Blueshift explains how they increased customer engagement by 400%.

Meiro Customer Data Platform (CDP) (Meiro)

Access this quick introduction to Meiro Customer Data Platform featuring built-in marketing activation tools and ETL & reverse ETL designed for private control.

Adore Beauty Case Study (Tealium)

Discover Adore Beauty powers triggered communications to grow its monthly revenue by over a quarter with Tealium.

Scaling ABM with AI and Data (Dun & Bradstreet)

Steven Shapiro, VP Digital, Customer Journey describes how Informatica transformed its ABM programs by using Lattice Engines’ AI-platform and data foundation.

CDP for Enterprise (Treasure Data)

Watch this video to see how Treasure Data can help you unlock the power of customer data and deliver stellar brand experiences at scale.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Data Platforms (FirstHive)

Marketers have more data than they can effectively use. The CDP Institute and FirstHive explain how AI can help.

Making Sense of the Changing Identity Landscape (Tealium)

Learn how to identify customers post third-party cookies and see actionable next steps you can start taking today.

Utah Jazz Case Study (Tealium)

See how the Utah Jazz doubled their conversion rates and increase ticket sales with Tealium.

Identity Management (Teavaro)

First party identity resolution is the way forward in a world without 3rd party cookies and device id’s. Read on to learn how from Teavaro.

Show Me You Care: Why You Should Be Talking About Privacy and Value Exchange (Tealium)

Hear tips for prioritizing customer privacy without sacrificing personalization and see powerful use cases from leading brands on how to implement value exchange.

Zeta CDP+ Overview (Zeta)

Zeta CDP+ sits at the core of the Zeta Marketing Platform to provide marketers with more control over data so they can activate campaigns with greater speed and effectiveness. Read on to learn more.

Forrester Consulting TEI of Zeta Study (Zeta)

Zeta helps brands acquire and grow customers 50% more effectively. Learn more in this April 2021 study commissioned by Zeta Global.

Build or Buy Your CDP? (Tealium)

The debate between building or buying a customer data platform can be intense. The CDPI and Tealium explain why it isn’t an all-or-nothing choice.

CDP Deployment Lessons from the Field (Treasure Data)

Join CDP Institute Founder and CEO, David Raab, to learn the most effective ways to set goals, define realistic expectations, pick the right use cases, define a data strategy, decide which system features to test, prepare your staff, and manage change.

CDP for Global Enterprises (Treasure Data)

This session with David Raab (Founder/CEO of the CDP Institute) explores how CDPs are used in global enterprises and what to look for in an enterprise CDP.

Consumer Engagement with a CDP (Treasure Data)

Retail and CPG leaders around the world rely on Treasure Data to help strengthen their brand loyalty and improve consumer intelligence – enabling them to run better-targeted and more-impactful marketing campaigns.

TUI Case Study (Tealium)

Learn how travel agency TUI works with Tealium and Facebook to improve tracking, reduce cost and increase conversion.

A Complete CDP RFP Guide (Treasure Data)

It’s important to find a CDP that meets all of your needs. Treasure Data details the essential steps in the RFP process.

Expanding the Account Universe (Dun & Bradstreet)

Rebecca Stone, VP Demand Generation tells how LiveRamp used Lattice Engines to expand their account universe and run integrated, targeted campaigns against their top accounts.

Staying Agile and Adaptable in the Ever Changing Ad Ecosystem (Tealium)

See how Facebook, ASICS, and Wunderman Thompson Data work with Tealium to keep up with major changes like third-party cookie loss and new privacy regulations.

Tealium Customer Data Hub (Tealium)

Discover how Tealium helps brands access complete pictures of their customers and power their tech stack with unified data in real time.

Expert Tips for Getting Buy-In on Your CDP and Staffing Your Dream Team (Tealium)

Hear expert tips from consulting firm Credera on how to get buy-in from C-level stakeholders and staff a strong CDP team.

Take Your Data Foundation from Good to Great! (Tealium)

See how industry leaders Hanesbrand and Thryv created strong data foundations that enable them to better personalize customer experiences across all channels in real time.

How Humana Built a Playbook for Better Personalization Across the Customer Journey (Tealium)

Hear how Humana uses Tealium to drive growth by personalizing experiences at every touchpoint.

Driving Powerful Digital Transformation with a Robust CDP (Tealium)

See how Hotwire, New Balance, and Bed Bath & Beyond use unified data to power more relevant messaging in real time.

First-Party Data Takes the Cake (Tealium)

Discover from Tealium the power of a first-party data strategy and how to easily switch before third-party cookies crumble.

The Joy of Data Cookbook (Tealium)

See over 15 customer data use case recipes and real world success stories from brands like the GAP and the Utah Jazz.

PrimeCredit Case Study (Tealium)

Learn how PrimeCredit improved its response rates and is able to unify customer data in real time with Tealium.

Smart Guide to AI Marketing (Blueshift)

Marketing teams are expected to have a greater role in crafting CX. Blueshift describes how AI makes this easy.

Tradera Case Study (Blueshift)

Sweden’s largest online marketplace for used goods needed to bring together data from multiple campaigns. See how Blueshift increased sales by 131% with advanced segmentation.

AI-Powered Identity Resolution (Amperity)

Having accurate and trusted customer 360 profiles is crucial for marketers. Amperity describes how AI makes this type of identity resolution possible.

Breaking Down Data Silos to Build a Better Customer Experience (Twilio Segment)

Join Bruno Miranda, VP of Engineering at Doximity, and Drake McCabe, Web Developer at Yesware, to learn how to get data into your data warehouse and use it to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Lion Case Study (Treasure Data)

A CPG company wanted to better understand its customers to increase CX value. Learn how Treasure Data helped by extracting and unifying fragmented facts.

AB InBev Case Study (Treasure Data)

Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev needed to centralize more than 70 million unique customer records. Treasure Data explains how its CDP made it possible.

DIY Retailer Case Study (Redpoint Global)

An international DIY retailer suffered from lost time due to disconnected databases. Learn how Redpoint Global compressed their cycle time with a single point of data control.

Amperity: A Different Approach to Customer Data (Amperity)

Because the typical methods just don’t cut it.

Stripe Case Study (Treasure Data)

Stripe International wanted to use customer data to improve marketing efforts. Learn how the Treasure Data CDP made it happen.

Micro-Segmentation: The Key to Growing Through Your Existing Customers (Optimove)

Segmetning is key to successful retention campaigns. Optimove and the CDPI explain how it works.

The data trust model proposes individuals can control their data for profit (CDP Institute)

Is there a way for individuals to control their own data privacy for a profit? This paper from the CDPI explores one possibility. This article was first published in the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, Volume 4 Number 2, published by Henry Stewart Publications, London, 

When the Third-Party Cookie Party is Over (Amperity)

The era of the third-party cookie is coming to an end. Amperity explains how you can thrive with first-party data instead.

Bank Y Case Study (Terragon)

A leading bank in Nigeria wanted to reduce churn on digital channels. Learn how Terragon helped with data enrichment.

The Customer Data Platform by David Raab (Commanders Act)

We have interviewed David Raab, Founder and CEO of the CDP Institute, to clarify the definition of the CDP (Customer Data Platform).

Customer Data Platform: the new copilot of today’s marketer (Commanders Act)

Meeting the challenges of using customer data requires making knowledge directly accessible to marketing teams. Commanders Act details how a CDP makes it possible.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Customer Data (Acquia CDP)

Hear from leaders at Acquia for best practices on turning a mass of complex data into manageable and actionable results.

How Retailer Lids Transformed Customer Relationships & Boosted Business Agility with a CDP (Acquia CDP)

CMSWire, Wendy Mudis (VP of Marketing at Lids), and Karen Wood (Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Acquia) share Lids’ customer relationship journey.

Acquia CDP Demo Video (Acquia CDP)

Learn how the Acquia CDP helps you know your customers, respond authentically, and maximize lifetime value.

RedPoint Real-Time Interaction Management (Redpoint Global)

Today’s customers expect real-time engagement. To close the gap between expectations and experience, learn how you can leverage real-time data and decisions to orchestrate real-time customer interactions.

2 Minutes with Lucerna Health (Redpoint Global)

Lucerna Health co-founder and CEO Craig Thomas discusses how the partnership between Lucerna Health and RedPoint Global helps healthcare organizations achieve scale in delivering personalized consumer engagements.

CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing? (Leadspace)

Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor reveals the incredible promise of customer data platforms and what they mean for B2B Sales and Marketing in particular.

Keynote: Adapting to Consumer 3.0 (Optimove)

Jackson Jeyanayagam, Chief Marketing Officer, Boxed. com discusses how his brand understands and communicates with its clients, and how treating employees well can actually be a brand-building strategy.

Keynote: Innately Intelligent Marketing – From Concept to Reality (Optimove)

Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder of Optimove, discusses the past year, the current state of affairs, and looks into the future, taking innately intelligent marketing from concept to reality.

Panel: What Drives Loyalty and How Much Effect Do We Have On It? (Optimove)

Andrew Cochrane (CCO, SBTech), Francesco Hugony (Online Gaming CRM Strategy, Sisal), Rinat Halifi (Head of CRM, Fiverr), and Daniel Wiesenfeld (Sr. Director, Customer Analytics, J.Jill) discuss driving loyalty.

Creating a Data Foundation to Drive Sales and Marketing Alignment (Dun & Bradstreet)

Scott Leslie, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Marketing Automation shows Adobe is using Lattice Engines’ predictive data to prioritize the leads passed from marketing to sales.

How Curology Delivers High-performing, Personalized Ad Campaigns (Twilio Segment)

Learn how Curology uses Personas to build more targeted campaigns and decrease their wasted ad spend by more than 10% while maintaining the same returns.

How Delivers a Seamless Customer Experience with Personas (Twilio Segment)

Learn how uses Segment’s newest product, Personas, to reduce campaign coordination time by 50% and time to resolve complex support tickets by 80%.

Cross-channel Campaigns (CDP Institute)

Send optimal messages to customers across all channels. Process: Develop models to predict response to alternative treatments, select best channels, select bet timing, and make other choices needed to determine optimal treatment to each customer. Send instructions to delivery systems to execute.

Lookalike Models (CDP Institute)

Select best prospects (on external lists) using model based on CDP data. . Process: Send data on best customers to external system, which will match against its data, build a lookalike model, and return highest-ranked prospects to load into CDP or other systems

Engage Time Optimization (CDP Institute)

Send emails or other outbound messages at optimal time for each customer. Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems.

Prospect Selection (CDP Institute)

Select best prospects (among existing leads) using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Loyalty Incentive Selection (CDP Institute)

Select loyalty incentive using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Best Offer Selection (CDP Institute)

Select best offer using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Repurchase Prediction (CDP Institute)

Estimate likelihood of repurchase using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Unsubscribe Prediction (CDP Institute)

Estimate likelihood of unsubscription using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Churn Prediction (CDP Institute)

Estimate likelihood of customer churn using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Value Prediction (CDP Institute)

Estimate future value of customer using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Agent Access to Individual Profiles (CDP Institute)

Present complete customer history to call center or sales agent during interactions. Process: Receive customer ID or attributes from channel system; find customer’s profile in CDP and display selected data on agent screen.

Real Time Location-based Personalization (CDP Institute)

Select best message in real time based on current customer location and past data. Process: Receive real time stream of visitor locations and IDs from channel system; use location to look up relevant information (e.g. local weather); use ID to find visitor’s profile in the CDP; use location plus profile to infer customer context (e.g. work, home, vacation); apply rules or predictive models to select best message using all data; send to channel system for delivery; track behavior during session and make new adjusted selections.

Cross Sell and Upsell (CDP Institute)

Select best product for known customers in real time based on their past data. Process: Receive realtime stream of visitor behaviors and IDs from channel system; use ID to find visitor’s profile in the CDP; apply rules or predictive models to select best product using profile data; send to channel system for delivery; track behavior during session and make new adjusted selections.

Real Time Offer Selection (CDP Institute)

Select offer for known customers in real time based on their past data. Process: Receive realtime stream of visitor behaviors and IDs from channel system; use ID to find visitor’s profile in the CDP; apply rules or predictive models to select best offer using profile data; send to channel system for delivery; track behavior during session and make adjusted selections.

Trigger Messages (CDP Institute)

Send messages to customers based on specified actions or events. Process: Define trigger events; select customers who experience trigger event in real time or near realtime; select best message; send to delivery system.

Feature Notifications (CDP Institute)

Notify customers of new features that are relevant to them. Process: Identify customers with products affected by new feature and/or whose past behavior indicates high likelihood of interest in new feature.

Exclude Previous Buyers (CDP Institute)

Remove previous buyers from campaigns for specific products. Process: Exclude customers from product campaigns based on purchases made across all channels, as captured in unified customer database.

Reactivation Campaigns (CDP Institute)

Send messages to customers who have stopped doing business or are at risk. Process: Define selection criteria drawing on behaviors in customer profile; select customers and appropriate message; send to delivery system.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns (CDP Institute)

Send messages to customers who abandon shopping carts and stop sending messages when no longer relevant. Process: Receive abandoned cart lists from ecommerce systems; use profile data to determine best treatment for each customer on list; send appropriate customers and offers to retargeting systems (email, mobile, social, web ads, Web site). Remove customers from list when they buy or take other action.

Social Media Audiences (CDP Institute)

Send audiences to social media ad vendors. Process: Select audiences for social media advertising; send hashed email or other identifiers plus desired message; subsequently analyze performance of selected names.

Personalized Message Selection (CDP Institute)

Provide customer-level data to personalization system. . Process: Specify data elements to use in personalization; specify list selection criteria; create list with data elements included and send to delivery system.

Locate Field Events Based on Intent (CDP Institute)

Locate field events in areas where there are high concentrations of customers with strong purchase intent. Process: Assign customers to location-based clusters; identify clusters with most customers having high intent and value scores; schedule events in those areas.

Run Stream Tests (CDP Institute)

Compare behaviors of customers in different long-running marketing programs. Process: Select similar sets of customers and assign to test vs control groups; execute test over time; compare behaviors at end of test.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness (Attribution) (CDP Institute)

Estimate the change in behavior caused by a marketing program. Process: Identify sets of otherwisesimilar customers who did and didn’t experience a marketing program; compare subsequent behaviors.

Identify Under-served Segments (CDP Institute)

Find customer segments that could be contacted more often with good results. Process: Analyze interaction history to find customers with few contacts during recent period; find clusters of customers who would have been eligible for contact; assess potential value of contacting them with best messages.

Identify Channel Preferences (CDP Institute)

Determine which channels work best for each customer. Process: Analyze history of interactions by channel for each customer; identify customers who show preference for one or other channel.

KPI Reporting (CDP Institute)

Generate reports based on Key Performance Indicators. Process: Define KPI formulas; calculate using customer data; deliver reports.

Life Stage Assignment (CDP Institute)

Tag customers who belong to previously defined life stages. Process: Define life stage criteria; tag customers who meet the criteria; track movement in or out of life stages over time.

Segment Assignment (CDP Institute)

Tag customers who belong to previously defined segments. Process: Define segment criteria; tag customers who meet the criteria; track movement in or out of segments over time.

Segment Discovery (CDP Institute)

Identify sets of customers that can be usefully treated as segments. Process: Analyze customer profiles to find clusters with similar attributes or behaviors; assess potential to treat these distinctly.

Best Customer Profiles (CDP Institute)

Identify attributes common to best customers. Process: Define criteria for best customer; assemble list of customers meeting criteria; identify attributes that distinguish them from others.

Find High Value Customers (CDP Institute)

Identify individual customers who have returned high value. Process: Define criteria for high value customers; assemble list of customers meeting criteria

Behavior Analysis (CDP Institute)

Track customer actions over time. Process: Assemble timeline of customer actions; find behavior patterns by segment, purpose, outcome, etc.

Combine Data for Merger (CDP Institute)

Link customer profiles from separate systems as before or after merger. . Process: Ingest data from different companies; use rules and reference data to link related IDs; create unified profiles.

Combine Browsing and Instore Purchase Data (CDP Institute)

Link online and offline data relating to same customer. Process: Ingest data; use rules and reference data to link online and offline IDs; combined related data into unified profile.

Combine Online and CRM Data (CDP Institute)

Link online and offline data relating to same customer. Process: Ingest data; use rules and reference data to link online and offline IDs; combined related data into unified profile.

Privacy Compliance (CDP Institute)

Use CDP to show personal data to customers, to store consent records, and as connection to source systems. . Process: Expose customer profile to system that responds to customer data requests. Store consent details in CDP and check for valid authority for data usage requests. Store origins of customer data and send change requests to source systems if required.

Tag Management (CDP Institute)

Use CDP pixel on Web site to capture user behavior. Process: Place CDP pixel on Web site, configure as needed to select data to ingest and destination(s)

Enrichment (Append External Data) (CDP Institute)

Append external attribute and behavioral data to existing customer records. Process: Send customer records including IDs to external vendor who will match against their files, append new attributes, and return these to append to the customer’s profile.

Onboarding (Append External IDs) (CDP Institute)

Append external identifiers to existing customer records. Process: Send customer records including IDs to external vendor who will match against additional identifiers and return these to append to the customer’s profile.

Lead to Account Match (CDP Institute)

Associate individuals with businesses in B2B data. Process: Ingest data; apply rules and reference data to associate each individual with a business or department master ID.

Append Intent Data (CDP Institute)

Need to add intent data from external sources to customer profiles in CDP. Process: Send data on target customers to external system, which will match against its data, append intent data (or set up alerts for future data) and return data to load into CDP or other systems

Real Time Content Recommendations (CDP Institute)

Need to select content for known customers in real time based on their past data. Process: Receive realtime stream of visitor behaviors and IDs from channel system; use ID to find visitor’s profile in the CDP; apply rules or predictive models to select best content using profile data; send to channel system for delivery; track behavior during session and make adjusted selections.

DMP Interactions (CDP Institute)

Need to synchronize DMP and CDP data. Process: Send anonymized profiles to DMP, which will use them to create audiences or bids; return results to CDP for analysis.

Golden Record (CDP Institute)

Need to identify most accurate available information for each customer attribute and share with other systems. Process: Link customer data inputs from different sources that relate to the same person; apply rules and reference data to select the attribute most likely to be correct; publish these attributes as ‘golden record’ for other systems to use

Preemptive Customer Support (CDP Institute)

Support costs are high and customers get frustrated when the have problems. Can help customers who need assistance before they request it. Process: Develop models to identify customers likely to need support and to select the appropriate support materials; receive stream of data on customer behavior (e.g. web pages visited, system error messages, etc.) and isolate events indicating need for support; send appropriate support messages.

Retention Campaigns (CDP Institute)

Need to send optimal treatments to retain existing customers. Process: Develop models to predict churn, predict responsiveness to alternative treatments, estimate future value, select best channels, select best timing, and make other choices needed to determine optimal treatment to each customer, bearing in mind that some customers will renew without an incentive and some customers are not profitable. Send instructions to delivery systems to execute.

Topic Interest Prediction (CDP Institute)

Need to estimate customer interest in different topics using model based on CDP data. . Process: Execute model based on CDP data; store result on profile for use in CDP or other systems

Real Time Behavioral Profiling (CDP Institute)

Need to classify anonymous visitors in real time based on their behaviors. Process: Receive realtime stream of anonymous visitor behavior from channel system; apply rules or predictive models to classify visitors based on behaviors and attributes; send classification to channel system to use in selecting treatments.

Email List Creation (CDP Institute)

Need to select best customers for email campaign. Process: Define rules or model scores to identify best customers for a specific campaign; select those customers subject to additional constraints e.g. frequency caps, email permissions; send list to email systems for delivery.

Journey Analytics (CDP Institute)

Cannot identify sequence of interactions associated with different tasks. Process: Assemble timeline of customer interactions; group by purpose or outcome; find common paths and branches.

Data Quality (CDP Institute)

Low quality of ingested customer data limits its use. Process: Ingest data; apply rules and external data (e.g. address validation) to identify and correct errors. Provide feedback to source systems to help them improve the original data quality.

Lids Case Study (Acquia CDP)

A company wanted to capitalize on its successful loyalty program. Learn how Acquia worked with the data to increase revenue.

DAVIDsTEA Case Study (Acquia CDP)

A tea company wanted to translate its in-store relationship with customers to other channels. Learn how Acquia made it possible.

The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms (Tealium)

All marketing organizations want to be data-driven. Tealium details how a CDP can make it possible.

CDP Deployment: Lessons from the Field (Treasure Data)

Veteran CDP users and consultants have a lot to say about what does and doesn’t work in their field. The CDP Institute and Treasure Data have the details.

What Is a CDP? And What Isn’t a CDP? Customer Data Platforms, Explained (BlueConic)

In this ebook, BlueConic explores the core capabilities of a pure-play CDP and how they differ from other, seemingly similar technologies.

Real-Time Customer Engagement in Practice (Redpoint Global)

Real-time customer engagement can be complicated. Redpoint Global presents a framework and tactics to make it easier.

Competing on the Basis of Customer Experience (Redpoint Global)

CX is overtaking price and product as the primary competitive differentiator. Redpoint Global explains the importance of a single point of control in this environment.

Web Services Case Study (Redpoint Global)

One of the world’s largest web services companies wanted a unified view of the customer. Learn how Redpoint Global made it possible.

Segment Customer Data Platform Profile (Twilio Segment)

The key to making your data useful is a solid foundation. Segment describes how its CDP makes this possible.

Why Your CDP Needs a Brain (Optimove)

A CDP is a powerful tool. The CDPI and Optimove explain how a decision engine makes it even stronger.

Zumper Case Study (Blueshift)

A real estate startup wanted to make rentals as simple as hotel bookings. Find out how Blueshift made it possible.

Change Management Best Practices (ActionIQ)

What does your organization need to consider when implementing a CDP? ActionIQ explains.

Shift Case Study (Twilio Segment)

An online car marketplace needed to manage several data streams. Learn how Segment organized everything to create individualized marketing campaigns.

Meredith Case Study (Twilio Segment)

A publication company wanted to create more growth. Learn how Segment streamlined customer data to make it possible.

IBM Case Study (Twilio Segment)

The IBM Cloud has to handle multiple data sources at once. Segment describes how its CDP makes it happen.

The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook for CMOs (SAS)

How can CMOs in retail improve customer experience? SAS provides various strategies.

Maximizing Moments of Truth (SAS)

Context and real-time analytics are important to CX. SAS explains the details of using these tools.

Optimove Solution Overview (Optimove)

The Optimove CDP can provide marketers with actionable insights. Read on to learn more.

Xanterra Case Study (Redpoint Global)

Xanterra Travel Collection needed to understand guests across more than 100 siloed sources. Redpoint Global helped them achieve a comprehensive customer view.

Lucerna Health Case Study (Redpoint Global)

Lucerna Health needed help executing its value-based care strategy. Learn how Redpoint Global’s technology helped them schedule 50% more appointments and expand operations.

Customer Data Platform Buyer’s Guide (Optimove)

Many vendors want to join the CDP party, but not all offerings are created equal. Optimove helps you filter out the clutter in this guide.

The Complete CDP Evaluation Guide (ActionIQ)

Your CDP should be a smart hub that empowers your marketing team to take action on all of your customer data. ActionIQ helps you find the right solution.

OneLogin Case Study (Leadspace)

OneLogin is used by businesses of all sizes to secure company data. Learn how the company used Leadspace to double engagement.

The Guide to Advanced Segmentation (Optimove)

The more personalized an offer, the greater the chances that it will resonate with the customer. Optimove explains a three-step approach to achieving this via customer segmentation.

CDP Use Case Template (CDP Institute)

Marketers wishing to buy a CDP often struggle to define their system requirements. The CDP Institute provides a template to help buyers identify the gaps the CDP needs to fill.

CDP Screening Template (CDP Institute)

CDPs vary greatly in scope, experience, and other factors. The CDP Institute provides a screening template so buyers can quickly identify the most relevant systems for their needs.

CDP RFP Template (CDP Institute)

Companies purchasing a CDP often run through a formal selection process. The CDP Institute provides a standard template for a RFP companies can use in this process.

RealCDP: Customer Data Platform Certification Program (CDP Institute)

The popularity of CDPs has led to confusion as many vendors with similar systems seek to take advantage of buyer interest. The CDP Institute provides RealCDP, a simple checklist of what makes a system a CDP.

Personalization at Scale (Lytics)

If personalization is both possible and in demand, why are so many companies still struggling to get it right? The answers boil down to both mindset and technology. Lytics explains it all.

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform (Leadspace)

Marketers have been scrambling for years to keep up with customer data. Leadspace explains how a B2B CDP can help.

Let’s Look at the Data: Recent Surveys on Marketing Technology (CDP Institute)

Do consumers really want personalization? Should marketers be in charge of customer data? Learn what the surveys say.

Redpoint Customer Data Platform Solution Brief (Redpoint Global)

CDPs play an important role in digital transformation. Read on to learn how from Redpoint.

AEG Presents Case Study (Lytics)

AEG Presents connects with millions of music fans to serve personal concert recommendations. To do this, AEG and Lytics turned fragmented customer data into precise knowledge about customer music preferences for more effective concert marketing.

Subaru Case Study (Treasure Data)

Subaru isn’t the biggest automaker but it’s one of most trusted brands. Data plays a key role in attracting new buyers and keeping old customers coming back.

Intent Data for Account-Based Marketing (Dun & Bradstreet)

Intent Data: Diamond in the Rough or Just Pixie Dust? Lattice Engines explores the nuances of intent data and how B2B marketers can use it most most effectively.

Why Account-Based Marketing Needs a Customer Data Platform (Dun & Bradstreet)

ABM and CDP are BFFs, OK? Don’t drown in the alphabet soup. Read Why Account-Based Marketing Needs a Customer Data Platform from the CDP Institute and Lattice Engines to understand the challenges marketers face with ABM and how a CDP can help.

Right Ad, Right Message, Right Time (Dun & Bradstreet)

Targeting is the key to B2B advertising success. But many marketers still struggle to do it effectively. This paper from Lattice Engines presents best practices and how predictive analytics can help.

Scale Account-Based Marketing with Predictive Analytics (Dun & Bradstreet)

ABM and predictive analytics go together like bacon and…more bacon? We’re tired of bacon jokes too. So just read this paper from Lattice Engines about predictive modeling and ABM and no pigs will get hurt.

CDP Vendor Comparison (CDP Institute)

A side-by-side comparison of CDP vendors based on key differentiating features.

Top Ten Checklist for an Enterprise CDP (Treasure Data)

Handy list of the must-have items a CDP needs to unify data from disparate silos in a way that is relevant, timely, and actionable.

Customer Data Platforms for B2B SaaS Marketing (Lytics)

Learn about the special needs that B2B SaaS marketers have for customer data, and how Customer Data Platforms are increasingly being used to meet those needs. From the CDP Institute and Lytics.

Customer Data Platforms: How They Work, What They Solve & Why Everyone Needs To Use One (Tealium)

A basic introduction to CDPs, answers key questions, and tells how to find the right CDP for your needs.

Customer Data Platform Frequently Asked Questions (CDP Institute)

Straight answers to questions including: how CDPs differ from DMPs, data lakes, and other types of systems; what’s involved in implementing and operating a CDP; and how CDPs integrate with marketing execution systems.

How to Choose a Customer Data Platform (Lytics)

Lytics explains why you need a CDP, how CDP differs from other solutions, and what to look for when buying a CDP.

CDP Evaluation Guide – Processing (CDP Institute)

Questions to ask CDP vendors related to transformations, identity association, and preparing data for access. Part of a series to help buyers make an informed decision.

CDP Evaluation Guide – Outputs (CDP Institute)

Questions to ask CDP vendors related to use of CDP data, including connections to external systems, performance, and applications provided within the CDP. Part of a series to help buyers make an informed decision.

CDP Evaluation Guide – Data Ingestion (CDP Institute)

Questions to ask CDP vendors related to data load, data structure, performance, and functions. Part of a series to help buyers make an informed decision.

CDP Evaluation Guide – Commercial (CDP Institute)

Questions to ask CDP vendors related to operations, support, costs, and vendor background. Part of a series to help buyers make an informed decision.

Heineken USA Case Study (BlueConic)

Heineken USA needed to reduce reliance on third-party data. Learn how the BlueConic CDP made it possible.

John Hardy Case Study (Optimove)

A luxury jewelry brand wanted to integrate its customer data to increase personalizaiton. Learn how the Optimove CDP brought them a 53% increase in monthly average net revenue.

Paper Source Case Study (Optimove)

A premier paper and gift store needed to quickly adapt during the pandemic. Optimove explains how its CDP helped them understand their customers.

Nestle Purina Case Study (Lytics)

An online database of adoptable pets across North America wanted to know its customers. Learn how the Lytics CDP made it possible.

Glossary of Marketing Privacy Terms (CDP Institute)

Are you overwhelmed by the number of privacy terms in the marketing world? The CDPI has a glossary that will hopefully clear things up.

Glossary of CDP Related Terms (CDP Institute)

Are the terms in the CDP industry confusing you? This CDPI glossary is here to help.

Identity Resolution: A Guide to the Post-Cookie World (Twilio Segment)

Privacy legislation and the death of the third-party cookie mean identity resolution matters more than ever. Segment helps you design your strategy.

GDPR Compact Guide

The GDPR is now in effect across Europe. DataEM explains what this means for your privacy practices.

Powering Privacy Compliance with a Customer Data Platform (Treasure Data)

New privacy rules are forcing advertisers to find new ways of gathering data. The CDPI and Treasure Data explain how a CDP can help.

Field Guide to Customer Data Platforms (Optimove)

Struggling to tell Customer Data Platform vendors apart? Optimove’s Field Guide to CDPs describes the major types of CDP vendors, identifying features for each, and how to pick the one that’s right for you.