The CDP Institute Backstory

The Customer Data Platform category was named in a blog post published in April, 2013 by David Raab, a long-time marketing technology consultant and industry analyst. Mr. Raab noticed a number of new marketing applications that included features to assemble a unified customer database from multiple sources. Before that time, most marketing applications were limited to using data they generated internally or connected to multi-source databases that were built separately.

Mr. Raab published the first industry report on Customer Data Platforms in September 2013, profiling eleven systems. He continued to develop the CDP concept in writings and presentations in the following years.

Interest in the CDP category began to grow sharply in 2016 when CDPs first appeared on the Gartner Hype Cycle and the Customer Data Platform Institute was founded. The mission of the Institute is to help organizations manage their customer data. Activities of the Institute to promote this mission includes a Web site with a library of papers, directory of CDP vendors, and blog on CDP topics; Institute-created content including explanatory papers, reports on the industry, and surveys of CDP users; a daily newsletter and event calendar; workshops and training sessions; and presentations at industry events.

Since 2020 the Institute has been expanding internationally. It currently has standalone regional chapters in Europe, Latin American, Southeast Asia and Australia.

CDPI Staff

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  • David M. Raab

    Founder and CEO
  • Susan S. Raab

    Co-founder and Managing Director
  • Emily Fineberg

    Social Media and Web Site Manager

CDPI Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is comprised of industry experts and representatives of Institute Sponsors and Partners. The current list includes:

  • Patrick Aardbodem

    Chief Commercial Officer, Relay42
  • Christophe Alves

    CEO, Scal-e
  • Osarugue Awani

    VP, Marketing - Brand and Corporate Communications, Terragon
  • Aditya Bhamidipaty

    Founder and CEO, FirstHive
  • Amit Bivas

    Head of Marketing, Optimove
  • Anthony Botibol

    CMO, Upland BlueVenn
  • Andrea Bovarini

    International Business Director, Commanders Act
  • David Chinn

    President and CMO, Lexer
  • Vijay Chittoor

    Co-Founder and CEO, Blueshift
  • Nipul Chokshi

    VP Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Kevin Collins

    CTO & Co-founder, Xtremepush
  • Jurgen Desmedt

  • Jennifer Douglas

    Global Director of Analyst Relations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
  • Manish Gambhir

    Partnerships and Business Solutions Manager, Meiro
  • Brian Goldfarb

    Chief Marketing Officer, Amperity
  • Kim Guillon

    Senior Manager, Public Relations, Oracle
  • Lee Hammond

    Product Evangelist, Hightouch
  • Gian Mario Infelici

    CEO, Adabra
  • Peter Jakus

    VP of Market Insights, Bloomreach
  • Jakub Krupa

    Marketing Manager, SALESmanago
  • Martin Kihn

    SVP Strategy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce
  • Hiromasa Kurata

    CEO, Everrise
  • Matt Lewis

    Partnerships, Simon Data
  • Angela Lipscomb

    Influencer Relations Manager, SAS
  • Giovanni Lorenzoni

    Chief Executive Officer, BitBang srl
  • Marko Maras

    Founder and CEO, Audiens
  • Fred Maurer

    Principal Director, Accenture Interactive
  • James McDermott

    CEO, Lytics
  • Jennifer McGinn

    Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Informatica
  • James Meyers

    Head of Martech Strategy, ActionIQ
  • Christian Monberg

    CTO and Head of Product, Zeta
  • B.J. Morgan

    Vice President, Solution Management, Epsilon PeopleCloud
  • Cory Munchbach

    COO, BlueConic
  • Mike Ni

    Chief Marketing Officer, Openprise
  • Brad Noe

    Chief Technology Officer, Cendyn
  • Simon Pereira

    CEO, Xpon Platforms
  • Dale Renner

    CEO, Redpoint Global Inc.
  • Avadhoot Revankar

    Chief of Growth, Netcore
  • Tiffany Staples

    Vice President, Marketing, Celebrus
  • Dirk Rohweder

    Founder and COO, Teavaro
  • Ratul Shah

    Global Head of Product Marketing, Customer Data. SAP CX, SAP
  • Hannah Stewart

    Global Director of Marketing, Zeotap
  • Tim Suther

    Founder, Suther Strategic LLC
  • Tetsuya Takeuchi

    Executive Officer, Irep Co.
  • Gabbie Targosz

    Senior Analyst Relations Manager, Twilio Segment
  • Anand Thaker

    Strategic Executive Advisor and Martech Industry Insider
  • Tom Treanor

    CMO, Treasure Data
  • Patrick Tripp

    Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital
  • Annojan Vageeswaran

    Executive Director Business Development, | IBM iX
  • Amit Varshneya

  • Meghan Whinery

    Director, Growth Marketing, Tealium
  • Karen Wood

    Senior Director of Product Marketing, Acquia
  • Markus Wuebben

    Co-Founder & Managing Director, CrossEngage
  • Alex Yoder

    CEO, Leadspace
  • Chih-Han Yu

    CEO, Appier
  • Dionysios Zelios

    Senior Consultant, Data Talks

Request a Speaker

Running a live or online event on customer data, marketing technology, privacy, or related topics? CDP Institute can provide speakers from our own staff or local partners.


What is the CDP Institute?

The CDP Institute is an organization that provides information and services related to customer data management and Customer Data Platforms.

What is the mission of the CDP Institute?

The mission of the Institute is to help marketers and others make the best use of their customer data.

What does the Institute do?

The Institute creates and distributes information related to customer data management and CDPs, including white papers, evaluation guides, use cases, videos, directories, surveys, workshops, newsletters, Webinars, and presentations at online and live events. We frequently add new services as seems appropriate to our mission.

The Institute does not sell CDP products, vendor selection services, or implementation services, although we maintain relationships with affiliated organizations that do these things.

Who runs CDP Institute?

The CDP Institute is operated by Raab Associates, a marketing services firm. CDP Institute Founder and CEO David Raab named the CDP category in 2013 and was an early leader in developing the CDP concept.

When was CDP Institute founded?

The Institute was founded in 2016.

How is the Institute funded?

Institute funding comes from CDP vendors and companies with related products and services.

Is there a charge for individual membership?

Individual membership is free.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members receive our email newsletters, convenient access to our library of papers and studies, vendor comparison reports, discounts on industry events, early notice of limited-enrollment training classes, participation in online discussions, and use of online tools including our Request for Proposal Generator and Use Case Generator.

How can I be involved with CDP Institute as an individual?

The CDP Institute maintains a Slack™ channel to encourage discussion among members of the CDP community. We welcome involvement in regional events when these take place and are pleased to hear from members who might be able to contribute expertise for projects such as creation of educational materials. Please contact if you’d like to help.

How do I get my company on the CDP Institute Web site?

Companies with systems that meet the Institute’s RealCDP™ definition are listed at no charge in the CDP Vendor Directory. Companies with related products or services may be listed in the Service Provider Directory, usually after setting up a partner agreement with the Institute.

What is the RealCDP program?

The RealCDP program is a certification issued to vendors whose products meet the RealCDP standard set by the CDP Institute. RealCDP requirements include: ingest data from all sources, capture full detail of ingested data, store ingested data indefinitely, construct unified customer profiles, and make profiles available to any external system. CDP systems can be audited without being paid sponsors of the Institute, although they must pay an audit fee. The audits are conducted by an independent third party. See the RealCDP section of this Web site for further details.