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Alaska Airlines Case Study (Amperity)

A well-known airline wanted to build more accurate customer journeys. Amperity shows how its CDP used segmentation to drive a 61.1% increase in open rates.

Lucky Brand Case Study (Amperity)

An American denim company struggled to create personalized experiences due to siloed data. See how the Amperity customer data platform integrated the data to help them meet their goals.

Brooks Running Case Study (Amperity)

A running apparel company had data stuck in silos. Learn how the Amperity CDP brought everything together and drove a 128% increase in return on ad spend.

Breuninger Case Study (Zeotap)

A German fashion and lifestyle retailer wanted to enhance their retargeting efforts. Learn how the Zeotap CDP led to a 30% increase in cost order turnover.

Mt. Hood Meadows Case Study (Ascent360)

A popular mountain resort wanted to communicate with their guests in a personalized and meaningful way. See how the Ascent360 CDP provided segmentation and unified data to increase click-through rates and event registrations.

Mirror Lake Inn Case Study (Ascent360)

A family-owned luxury resort and spa struggled to share real-time information with their guests. Learn how the Ascent360 CDP unified the data and drove higher revenue.

Simply Business Case Study (BlueConic)

One of the largest business insurance providers in the UK wanted to improve visitor-to-buyer conversion rates. Learn how BlueConic helped them do so with unified profiles.

The Zebra Case Study (Hightouch)

A leading insurance marketplace wanted to improve personalization in its marketing campaigns. Hightouch explains how its composable CDP boosted match rates by +170%.

ANWB Case Study (GX)

The largest membership organization in the Netherlands wanted to make their online communications more relevant. See how GX guided them to several personalization milestones.

Roularta Case Study (GX)

A Belgian multimedia group needed to balance consent and privacy in their targeted advertising. Learn how GX provided the needed data skills.

Fred Perry Case Study (Ometria)

An iconic fashion brand wanted to understand its VIP customers. Learn how the Ometria CDP made it possible.

Steve Madden Case Study (Ometria)

A shoe company wanted to optimize CX by understanding its customers. Ometria explains how its customer data platform brought together multiple data feeds to create a single view.

Sephora Case Study (Ometria)

A major beauty brand was returning to the UK via an acquisition and rebrand. Learn how the Ometria CDP kept the process focused on customers.

Ledbury Case Study (Ometria)

A luxury shirt brand needed to effectively reach customers in various new locations. See how Ometria used segmentation and omnichannel marketing to drive a 27% increase in revenue.

Angel Fire Case Study (Ascent360)

A four-season resort in New Mexico wanted to improve their email marketing. Learn how Ascent360 used segmentation to generate $125k in revenue from a single campaign.

Chemist Warehouse Case Study (Meiro)

A large pharmacy retailer lacked a holistic view of its customers. Learn how the Meiro CDP drove 25% retail media growth.

Wyze Case Study (RudderStack)

A smart home tech company wanted to boost online sales and fuel growth. RudderStack details how their tools made it possible.

Southeast Asia Retail Bank Case Study (Meiro)

A large retail bank in Southeast Asia struggled with data silos and fragmented customer identities. Learn how the Meiro CDP made advertising budgets 10% more efficient and improved CTR by 160%.

Endeavor Business Media Case Study (BlueConic)

Learn how Endeavor Business Media uses BlueConic to influence visitor engagement and orchestrate visitor-led journeys that drive conversions.

Musti Group Case Study (Optimove)

A Nordic pet care specialist was hampered by the spread of data across multiple systems. See how Optimove unified the data and maximized personalization.

IDT Case Study (Optimove)

A leading telecommunications business wanted to automate personalization and speed up segmentation. Learn how Optimove helped launch more than 200 new campaigns per year.

Virgin Media O2 Case Study (Zeotap)

A British mass media and telecommunications company wanted to improve customer targeting. Zeotap details how its CDP unified data to allow better segmentation.

Unidad Editorial Case Study (Zeotap)

A Spanish multimedia communication group needed to meet different customers’ needs. Learn how Zeotap helped increase efficiency and click-through rate.

Joybird Case Study (RudderStack)

An online furniture manufacturer wanted to connect website visitors’ activity to downstream platforms. Learn how RudderStack took control of customer data to make it happen.

Credit Company Case Study (FirstHive)

A leading credit company needed to integrate user data across several channels. FirstHive details how their CDP solved the problem and helped increase lead acquisition.

Insurance Company Case Study (FirstHive)

An insurance company struggled to work with siloed data across multiple channels. Learn how FirstHive created better CX by integrating the data.

Insurance Case Study (FirstHive)

A leading insurance provider was wasting resources on poor quality leads. Learn how FirstHive helped them cut costs with personalized customer journey orchestration.

Large American Supermarket Chain Case Study (Algonomy)

A privately-owned supermarket chain wanted to improve customer engagement. Read about how the Algonomy CDP used data to increase digital account growth and revenue.

Consum Case Study (Algonomy)

Siloed data kept a large grocery chain from implementing omnichannel personalization. Learn how Algonomy made it possible.

Emirates NBD Case Study (Lemnisk)

One of the leading banks in the MENAT region wanted to enhance CX and boost online conversions. Learn how the Lemnisk CDP created a single customer view for optimal personalization.

CarParts Case Study (Blueshift)

An online auto parts retailer wanted to deliver relevant messages via behavior-triggered campaigns. Blueshift explains how they increased customer engagement by 400%.

Adore Beauty Case Study (Tealium)

Discover Adore Beauty powers triggered communications to grow its monthly revenue by over a quarter with Tealium.

Utah Jazz Case Study (Tealium)

See how the Utah Jazz doubled their conversion rates and increase ticket sales with Tealium.

TUI Case Study (Tealium)

Learn how travel agency TUI works with Tealium and Facebook to improve tracking, reduce cost and increase conversion.

PrimeCredit Case Study (Tealium)

Learn how PrimeCredit improved its response rates and is able to unify customer data in real time with Tealium.

Tradera Case Study (Blueshift)

Sweden’s largest online marketplace for used goods needed to bring together data from multiple campaigns. See how Blueshift increased sales by 131% with advanced segmentation.

Lion Case Study (Treasure Data)

A CPG company wanted to better understand its customers to increase CX value. Learn how Treasure Data helped by extracting and unifying fragmented facts.

AB InBev Case Study (Treasure Data)

Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev needed to centralize more than 70 million unique customer records. Treasure Data explains how its CDP made it possible.

DIY Retailer Case Study (Redpoint Global)

An international DIY retailer suffered from lost time due to disconnected databases. Learn how Redpoint Global compressed their cycle time with a single point of data control.

Stripe Case Study (Treasure Data)

Stripe International wanted to use customer data to improve marketing efforts. Learn how the Treasure Data CDP made it happen.

Bank Y Case Study (Terragon)

A leading bank in Nigeria wanted to reduce churn on digital channels. Learn how Terragon helped with data enrichment.

DAVIDsTEA Case Study (Acquia CDP)

A tea company wanted to translate its in-store relationship with customers to other channels. Learn how Acquia made it possible.

Lids Case Study (Acquia CDP)

A company wanted to capitalize on its successful loyalty program. Learn how Acquia worked with the data to increase revenue.

Web Services Case Study (Redpoint Global)

One of the world’s largest web services companies wanted a unified view of the customer. Learn how Redpoint Global made it possible.

Zumper Case Study (Blueshift)

A real estate startup wanted to make rentals as simple as hotel bookings. Find out how Blueshift made it possible.

IBM Case Study (Twilio Segment)

The IBM Cloud has to handle multiple data sources at once. Segment describes how its CDP makes it happen.

Meredith Case Study (Twilio Segment)

A publication company wanted to create more growth. Learn how Segment streamlined customer data to make it possible.

Shift Case Study (Twilio Segment)

An online car marketplace needed to manage several data streams. Learn how Segment organized everything to create individualized marketing campaigns.

Lucerna Health Case Study (Redpoint Global)

Lucerna Health needed help executing its value-based care strategy. Learn how Redpoint Global’s technology helped them schedule 50% more appointments and expand operations.

Xanterra Case Study (Redpoint Global)

Xanterra Travel Collection needed to understand guests across more than 100 siloed sources. Redpoint Global helped them achieve a comprehensive customer view.

OneLogin Case Study (Leadspace)

OneLogin is used by businesses of all sizes to secure company data. Learn how the company used Leadspace to double engagement.

Subaru Case Study (Treasure Data)

Subaru isn’t the biggest automaker but it’s one of most trusted brands. Data plays a key role in attracting new buyers and keeping old customers coming back.

AEG Presents Case Study (Lytics)

AEG Presents connects with millions of music fans to serve personal concert recommendations. To do this, AEG and Lytics turned fragmented customer data into precise knowledge about customer music preferences for more effective concert marketing.

Heineken USA Case Study (BlueConic)

Heineken USA needed to reduce reliance on third-party data. Learn how the BlueConic CDP made it possible.

Paper Source Case Study (Optimove)

A premier paper and gift store needed to quickly adapt during the pandemic. Optimove explains how its CDP helped them understand their customers.

John Hardy Case Study (Optimove)

A luxury jewelry brand wanted to integrate its customer data to increase personalizaiton. Learn how the Optimove CDP brought them a 53% increase in monthly average net revenue.

Nestle Purina Case Study (Lytics)

An online database of adoptable pets across North America wanted to know its customers. Learn how the Lytics CDP made it possible.