Children’s Privacy: FTC orders Epic Games to pay back $245M for tricking Fortnite users

The US Federal Trade Commission has finalized its order for Epic Games saying it must pay $245 million for its use of dark patterns to get Fortnite players to make unwanted purchases and to persuade children to accrue unauthorized charges without parental consent. The FTC also charged Epic with having locked accounts of customers who disputed unauthorized charges. Consumers can visit to learn more about eligibility for getting a refund.

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Americans have major fears about their privacy

March 21, 2023

A survey by Digital Third Coast of more than 800 Americans found U.S. consumers are fearful they are being tracked wherever they go. Four in five were concerned about ad tracking, with Baby Boomers and Gen Z most concerned at 84% each. There’s also a level of paranoia about always being spied on, with 60% surveyed reporting they believe their phone is listening to them, 3 of 4 believing Alexa and other devices are always listening, and 60% reporting they believe the government is tracking their phone data.

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