Children’s Privacy: Gameloft Disney Getaway Blast app found by CARU to violate COPPA

The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of BBB National Programs advised Gameloft its Disney Getaway Blast app is not in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), nor does it adhere to CARU’s Self-Regulatory Guidelines. CARU’s concern is that the app for ages 4-up has a setting that can be enabled by children and allows personal data collection without notifying parents or obtaining consent. CARU also found in-app ads and use of in-app rewards and game boosters. These are seen as manipulative tactics designed to get kids to watch ads and make purchases. Gameloft has committed to making changes based on CARU’s direction.

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Majority of companies still to learn it’s best NOT to wing it with data compliance

November 8, 2022

Exterro’s Privacy Compliance Readiness Survey, of executives at enterprise-level companies found alarming indicators of unpreparedness both with knowing their data inventory and having processes in place to comply with privacy regulations.  Forty-five percent said they rely on manual survey methods to keep data updated and 44% report using ad hoc or poorly defined processes for compliance.

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Getty Offers Gen AI Tool Built Only with Licensed Images

September 28, 2023

Unauthorized training data isn’t an existential threat to generative AI but it’s certainly a headache for users and developers alike.  Most developers are trying to exclude materials that creators have explicitly labeled as unauthorized and citing “fair use” as justification for copying everything else.  Getty Images has taken an opposite approach, building its gen AI tool only on materials that are explicitly licensed.  It’s possible that tracing the provenance of training data will become a standard, similar to how organic food producers trace the origins of their ingredients.

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