Children’s Privacy: Greenlight, a $2.3B fintech-for-kids company claims not to sell kid data (but could if it wanted to)

Kids are prime targets for advertisers, and it can be easy to get their data thanks to privacy policies that often ask for broad permissions and are often complicated or confusing for children and adults. Greenlight, which says it doesn’t currently sell data of kids to advertisers, still collects a lot – including locations and behavioral profiles – and reserves the right to share and deliver “tailored content” in the future.

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Children’s Privacy: Two sides of children’s right to privacy taken by UN Special Rapporteur and the Holy See

July 20, 2021

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy presented his guiding principles to the Human Rights Council, including support for evolving children’s autonomy and independence in bearing their own rights to privacy. The Holy See disagreed, emphasizing the oversight role of parents. The UNSR called for education starting at a young age to make kids tech & privacy savvy.

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Snowflake partners with Securiti; announces support of Unified ID 2.0

July 20, 2021

Dual announcements about data cloud company, Snowflake this week. The first is from Securiti, which  announced a partnership that will enable it to bring its functionality to operate natively inside Snowflake, and the second announcement is from Snowflake which will allow the company’s customers to activate audiences on any platform that has adopted Unified ID 2.0. Read More – Securiti Read More – Snowflake – Unified ID

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