Children’s Privacy: Instagram (Meta) fined €405M for violating kids’ privacy; second largest GDPR fine to date

The fine is the second highest levied under GDPR (after Amazon) and the third highest for a Meta-owned company (after WhatsApp and Facebook) handed down by the Irish regulator. Plus, according to Politico which broke the story, the Irish DPC has at least six more investigations pending of Meta-owned companies. More information will be released by the DPC within the week.

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Privacy now a major focus for companies, but reporting structure still evolving

September 6, 2022

TrustArc’s third annual Global Privacy Benchmark Report found that as the list of global laws has grown and risks become more prevalent, demands on companies have increased substantially. Now 90% of medium and large enterprises have privacy offices, but the reporting line still varies significantly, with 18% reporting to a CPO, 16% respectively to a CISO or CFO, 13% to a CTO, and 10% to a CIO.

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In Brief: The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just sued Kocheva for allegedly selling precise location data that when linked with unique identifiers can reveal user visits to places such as reproductive health and medical clinics, religious worship locations, homeless shelters and addiction recovery and therapy sites

September 6, 2022

Ironically, just last month Kocheva was lauded for announcing a new Privacy Block feature that is intended to protect health data on its platform – but, they can’t have it both ways and users will need to consider where to put their trust.

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64% of Advertisers Say Apple ATT Hurt Campaign Results

February 2, 2023

You’re probably heard about IAB CEO David Cohen’s blistering attack on privacy advocates.  Here’s why he cares: 64% of advertisers told Wpromote their campaigns were less successful after Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency, which requires user permission to track their behaviors.  Lots more here on alternatives to third party cookies (Google’s Topics API is leading the horse race), data clean rooms, state privacy regulations, and using CDPs for advertising.

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