Children’s Privacy: Microsoft Office 365 & Google Workspace free versions banned in French schools

France has determined that free versions of Office 365 and Google Workspace potentially leave data at risk because they store data in the cloud in the US, so are not under obligation to comply with the EU’s GDPR and Schrems II, the 2020 ruling by the European Court of Justice on the cross-border sharing of data. As a result free versions are not allowed to be used in French schools.

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Twitter breach far exceeds what was reported

November 29, 2022

A Twitter data breach last year, estimated to have exposed 5.4 million records, was thought to have been achieved and exploited by just one hacker. Now, evidence indicates multiple hackers accessed and then offered the data for sale on the dark web. The compromised data belonged to users from the UK, US and most of the EU countries. Twitter has not yet commented on the story, but as has been pointed out its communications team was just gutted following Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition.

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Children’s Privacy: Meta adds privacy functionality for teens – though not totally by default

November 29, 2022

Meta announced new users of Instagram and Facebook under 16, and users under 18 in certain countries will be put by default into more private settings when they join Facebook. This seems good, though those users already on the app will only be encouraged to change settings for more privacy, rather than having their settings changed by the company. At the same time, Meta is testing ways to protect teens from suspicious adults and is building a platform to help keep intimate images from being posted online.

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Flexera Buys Snow Software to Help Manage IT Spend

November 29, 2023

Do not confuse Snow Software, which helps companies track IT costs, with Snowflake, a cloud database often used for CDP-ish solutions.   Do take note that Snow has just been sold to Flexera, which also helps companies optimize their return on tech investments.  It’s a helpful reminder that cost-conscious IT departments are more than happy  to “help” marketers who are doing a poor job of controlling tech spend.

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