Children’s Privacy: US Senators propose banning teens from social media without parental consent

The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act is a bipartisan proposal that harkens back to earlier legislation designed to shield children from “indecent” ads or solicitation, and to keep them from hearing “obscene” language on television and radio. The proposal also comes as US states increasingly come up with their own legislation to restrict children, as in the case of Utah, which is requiring parental consent for social media account creation and Montana, which proposes to block ad targeting, selling kids’ data, and social media use without consent.

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IT’S THE LAW (05/02/2023)

May 2, 2023

Indiana is the 7th US state to pass a privacy law. The Indiana Consumer Data Protection Law includes protection of the right to know, correct, and delete. It will go into effect in 2026. Montana and Tennessee's legislatures have both approved privacy bills that may come into effect sooner. Montana’s governor requested amending the Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act to ban not just TikTok but also other social media sites perceived as from foreign adversaries. With Tennessee, the Information Protection Act is business-friendly and weaker than privacy laws in the first states, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Utah, and Virginia.

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