COVID-19 accelerated Cloud adoption, and security challenges grew, though encryption lags, according to new Thales survey

A survey of 2600 IT and security professionals conducted by Thales found security breaches increasingly common in multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. Breach levels, which were as high as 44% in US & 43% in EU, are expected to rise in the coming year, though encryption levels were low across all industries averaging only 17%.

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IT’S THE LAW (11/02/2021)

November 2, 2021

Draft legislation for a Bangladesh data protection law has raised concern that citizen privacy rights may be suppressed, rather than protected, if the Data Protection Act (DPA) is ultimately passed. The draft, which had been available online earlier this year, indicted legislators were considering increased government access to personal data and expansion of departmental surveillance capabilities. This coupled with exempting key agencies from prosecution, could result in weaponization of the law to stifle critics of the government.

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