Data loss/leakage is top concern about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs

A survey of nearly 300 cybersecurity professionals published by Bitglass shows that while 82% of them now actively enable personal devices for work, security protocols are still catching up.

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Organization Drives CX Performance: Pointillist, Wpromote Surveys

June 23, 2021

Finally, let’s look at organizational insights from a pair of CX surveys. Pointillist finds that high performers are twice as likely as under performers to have a dedicated journey management team, while Wpromote and Ascend2 report that best-in-class B2B digital marketers more often say that teams outside of marketing have a role in improving CX. Also interesting: just 16% of respondents do journey orchestration although 55% do mapping (Pointillist); 42% have no plans to deal with the loss of third-party cookies (Wpromote).

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New ruling allows EU DPAs to sue outside own territory

June 22, 2021

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple all have EU headquarters in Ireland, and are subject to that country’s data protection authority (DPA). But now, in response to Facebook’s challenge saying Belgium does not have the territorial right to stop it from tracking consumers there, the EU has ruled that national authorities do have that right if it’s determined the company infringed on GDPR.

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