EU passes landmark Digital Markets Act – biggest change since GDPR

The EU announced sweeping change via the Digital Markets Act (DMA), to force Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta – and anyone else with $83 billion+ annual revenue – to significantly alter how they treat EU consumers and operate in the EU. The DMA targets treatment in app stores and marketplaces; on search engines, social networks, and web browsers; and in cloud and ad services. It requires the ability to unsubscribe, fair access for sellers, and notification of mergers or acquisitions. It forbids ad targeting without consent, preferential treatment against competitors, reuse of private data. This is the first of a one-two EU punch. Next up takes aim at social media.

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Company Data Becoming More Decentralized: Starburst Research

March 29, 2022

This study is already old news, since it was released yesterday, March 22. Analytics platform Starburst reports the average organization has four to six data platforms and the number is growing as they shift to more decentralized architectures. Half report they can build a new data pipeline in under 24 hours, although Starburst implies that’s too long to wait. How long does it take when you live?

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New EU privacy framework & UK Transfer Tools look to solve data transfer impasse

March 29, 2022

Hoping the third time’s a charm, the EU and US agreed in principle to terms that would allow businesses to transfer data to the US. This comes after two previous attempts failed because the EU felt citizen data wouldn’t be adequately protected. The question now is, if as before, the agreement will face legal challenges, including from privacy advocate Max Schrems and his noyb (stands for “none of your business”) group. In even more proactive data-transfer solving news, the UK announced that new transfer tools are ready under UK GDPR. These are the International Data Transfer Agreement (IDTA), and an addendum to the EU Commission standard contractual clauses. 

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Most Marketing Ops Teams Are Centralized: Perkuto Study

August 15, 2022

Have you been debating whether marketing operations should be centralized or decentralized?  Neither have we, but it’s still interesting to learn that 59% of Marketo users told Perkuo their marops were centralized, 30% hybrid, and 5% decentralized.  More here on most- and least-used capabilities and most common weaknesses.  Is “marops” a thing?  “Markops” would be cooler, since it sounds like “marketing cops”.

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