Facebook in legal fight for EU data

Facebook sues the Irish Data Protection Commission

In an effort to fight losing EU data as a result of this summer’s Schrems II ruling, Facebook’s lawyers have applied to Irish judges for a judicial review. Facebook’s hope is to have regulators take a modulated approach until a new more favorable solution can be reached.

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TAG Brand Safety Seal offers global brand certification for consumer trust

September 15, 2020

Can consumers trust your brand? The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI) have just announced the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal, a global certification program to vet brands that adhere to their Brand Safety Principles and minimize the risk of ad placement alongside inappropriate content. Further, they have said that direct buyers, sellers and/or intermediaries “must ensure that 100% of monetizable transactions are reviewed by one or more independently validated Content Verification services as defined in its digital advertising agreements.”

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New site helps consumers fight off spam, robo calls and ads

September 15, 2020

BIGtoken launches TotalOptOut  BIGtoken, whose primary business is to give consumers ways to monetize their data by filling out surveys, doing social referrals, and watching ads for pay, has launched TotalOptOut. The new site helps consumers by bringing together links to such places as Oracle Opt-Out, YourAdChoices, and the National Do Not Call Phone Registry to block unwanted ads.

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