Firefox adds “Total Cookie Protection” feature to prevent cross-site tracking

The feature is aimed at preventing blocking ad tech tracking. This tool is available to people who use Firefox’s “strict” mode.

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Transparency at issue again for Smart Cities development project

March 2, 2021

No Sidewalk data for you, Google & Portland!  For the second time in two years, Sidewalk Labs (owned by the same company as Google) failed to get a permission to design a digital “Smart City,” due to concerns about how citizen data it collected would be used. Portland pulled the project due to concerns about lack of transparency, the same reason Toronto cited when they stopped working with Sidewalk Labs on what was intended to also be an experiment in establishing an urban data trust. Read More – Portland Read More – Toronto

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In Brief: New “Private I” TV show on IBMTV wants “Best Practices” stories

March 2, 2021

Want to know how marketers at other companies are handling privacy challenges? Privacy Co-op has been green-lighted for a 9-episode season slated to start production in April, and the guest line-up is being scheduled now. If you’re a CDO/CMO or other marketing practitioner and have a good story to tell, contact with the subject ‘Private, I’ to propose your idea for the show.

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