FTC not amused by sleight-of-hand ads and issues “dark patterns” report to expose methods

Ad trickery using psychological games, misleading claims, hidden disclosures or other bait and switch tactics are not new to sales, but the move to online has presented new opportunities to lure and ensnare prospective buyers. A new US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report displays examples of what’s called “dark patterns,” deceptive design practices used to dupe customers. The report is part of a larger effort by the FTC to identify and stop unfair business practices. This shortly after the FTC issued a policy statement warning companies against illegally tricking or trapping unwitting consumers, and suing companies found to be deceiving individuals with maze-like processes to keep them from cancelling ongoing charges.

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IT’S THE LAW (09/20/2022)

September 20, 2022

Indonesia is set to pass its Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP) this week. The law, which gives companies two years to comply, will require data operators to obtain consent from individuals for collecting personal data or medical history. The strict penalty for noncompliance is up to 5 years in jail and a maximum fine of 5 billion rupiah (US $337,000). The law stipulates that personal information collected must be for a specific purpose only and that data must be erased once the purpose has been met.

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Children’s Privacy: Startup Yubo has 60 million young users; claims nearly 100% success in age-verification using Yoti

September 20, 2022

Yubo, a French social start up popular with people under 25, and only available to those between ages 13-50, uses a mix of age-estimation technology from Yoti and data provided by users at sign-up to establish and vet age. This is crucial for ensuring safety for its 60 million and growing audience who use the platform to meet new people, play games and hang out in video chat rooms.

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Salesforce Offers Free Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud Customers

February 21, 2024

Salesforce is offering a free version of its CDP-esq Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud customers, with the apparent goal of increasing use of Marketing Cloud.  The Data Cloud offers Marketing Cloud users a unified view of data in Salesforce clouds and other systems via no-copy access to cloud databases and Mulesoft connectors.  The company also unveiled a small business edition of Marketing Cloud.

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