Give your favorite brands data for the holidays!

Favorite brands have secret ways to get you to gift them your data for the holidays. This is made easy via fun products, including from Meta with their Quest Pro ocular-reading headset; Amazon, which is hungry for more data to feed Alexa and has several new product offerings; and Google, Verizon, Nintendo and others. The majority of products on this Top 10 gift list are, however, a bit unclear on how you can delete data after you provide it – but no worries! The companies are happy to keep it.

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IT’S THE LAW (11/22/2022)

November 22, 2022

India, which this summer shelved plans to pass a Personal Data Protection Bill, has introduced a new draft proposal for a privacy bill that eases the burden on overseas data transfers, but advocates high penalty amounts of up to ₹500 crore ($61 million) for non-compliance and ₹250 crore for breaches. Decisions yet to be made are about which countries would be white listed for data transfers and to what degree state agencies could be exempted from provisions in the bill.

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Children’s Privacy: Google Play changes requirements for apps to be on Play Store’s “Kids” tab

November 22, 2022

Children’s apps will now face a more stringent process to gain a place in Google’s Play Store because of changes to ensure apps in the store are compliant with children’s privacy regulations, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The vetting process will adhere more closely to Google’s “Teacher Approved” program, which has stricter guidelines than its other programs that oversaw apps not designated for educational use.

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Microsoft Lets Publishers Block Bing Chat Separately from Bing Search

September 26, 2023

Nearly one-third of major news publishers have blocked generative AI tools from reading their content.   But that’s a drastic measure which could also exclude their results from conventional search engines.  Microsoft has just given publishers the option to block access by Bing Chat without also removing their content from search results.  We’ll see if competitors do the same.

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