Hacker claims to have data of 1B Chinese citizens for sale

An anonymous hacker claims to have the records of one billion Chinese residents that were obtained from Shanghai’s police database, and is offering it for sale for approximately $200,000. While neither authorities nor hacker contact information have confirmed the claim so far, it comes just when China has promised enhanced data protection.

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Auto-delete location history is part of Google plan

July 5, 2022

While having location data is quite valuable to Google, the company announced it will begin automatically deleting location history when it deems there could be personal risks. This includes visits to abortion, weight loss and cosmetic surgery centers, and to fertility clinics. Google is also making it easier to delete data from app logs, and it has committed to transparency and advocacy to not divulge excessive personal information in instances of governmental or law enforcement requests.

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IT’S THE LAW (07/05/2022)

July 5, 2022

The US Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS OCR) published privacy guidelines to address HIPAA compliance concerns following the Dobbs abortion decision. It clarifies that providers are not required to disclose protected private medical information to third parties, and it addresses when HIPAA, which protects medical information, allows for disclosure. This comes at a time when a number of states are considering passing abortion legislation.  President Biden is said to be planning to formally ask the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to act to help protect women's abortion rights.

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Big Tech Suffers Big Drop in Customer Data Trust: Jebbit Survey

August 8, 2022

Greater public attention to privacy has reduced trust in all tech providers, including those like Apple and Google that have positioned themselves as privacy-friendly.  Apple’s rank in Jebbit’s annual Consumer Data Trust Index fell from 17 to 43, while Google fell from number 4 to 89.  Amazon fell just slightly, from first to fourth place, while Facebook actually improved a bit from 97 to 88.

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