For example, why do marketers have to add this to their To Do list? Excellent question – and one of many that leading experts from Accenture, Acxiom, the Children’s Advertising Review Board, Digital Smart Consulting, Hansa Cequity, Left Right Centre, Oracle, Tealium, and Treasure Data will address at CDPI’s first Privacy to Market conference, April 26th from 8:45 am to 2:15 pm ET.

Join us online to learn about:

  1. Breaking news on regulations from around the world – and what’s on the horizon
  2. What we’re going to do when 3rd party cookies are gone
  3. How IoT helpers are helping themselves to our data – and what’s allowed with device advertising
  4. Why children’s privacy is every business’s concern

We’ll also give you a look at privacy management systems and strategies, and a peek at the privacy future in Web 3.0.

Plus, we want your input to understand what you need to know going forward and how we can help!

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IT’S THE LAW (03/29/2022)

March 29, 2022

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) has been signed, making Utah the fourth state, following California, Virginia and Colorado, to have its own privacy law. The law is considered more business-friendly than predecessors and sets a new precedent by having a two-step process to implement enforcement. While it does provide consumers the right to access their data and to opt out of sales (narrowly defined) and targeted advertising, it does not provide private right of action or require prior consent for collection of sensitive data.

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Checked your company’s app lately? Survey shows it may be sharing with 3rd party domains behind customers’ backs – and consumers can see that

March 29, 2022

With Apple 15.2, customers have access to the Record App Activity tool, and with that they can check what a given app is doing. Surprisingly, despite the fact that Apple’s settings can deny permission for app tracking connections, URLgenius’s survey of 200 popular apps across 20 niche categories using the Record App Activity recorder found that even when permission denied, they made an average 15 potential connections with 80% to third party domains.

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