IBM to resume facial recognition – for a US$69.8M price

What a difference three years makes. IBM, which in 2020 told Congress it would stop offering “general purpose” facial recognition in response to concerns about resulting racial profiling, has just signed a $69.8 million contract with the UK to develop a national biometrics platform. The purpose is to provide facial recognition capability to government immigration and law enforcement – but IBM stated this is not in conflict the 2020 promises because it won’t be used for public surveillance.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Adds New Vendors: CDP Institute Report

July 12, 2024

Software vendors continued to add Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to existing systems in the first half of 2024, according to the CDP Institute’s latest Industry Update report.  Nearly all of the dozen companies appearing in the report for the first time started as marketing or messaging applications and added CDP capabilities after they were built.  These firms accounted for most of the industry growth during the report period.

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