In Brief: More than 200 million Twitter accounts’ data for sale underground according to security experts tracking hacker sites

Alarmingly, the data link could expose the IDs of anonymous Twitter users and allow criminals to hijack accounts. Twitter, having gutted its communication team along with a large portion of the rest of its workforce, had no immediate comment.

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Children’s Privacy: Kids’ school app privacy – almost non-existent, according to Internet Safety Labs

January 10, 2023

Virtually all those helpful apps that make kids’ and parents’ lives easier after school – for homework, study skills, virtual classrooms, connecting with teachers, and the school community – are helping themselves to your family’s data, thank you very much! A recent survey of edtech apps in US schools from Internet Safety Labs, which conducts software product safety testing, found 96% of school apps were sharing data with 3rd parties and especially with Google (68%), which dominates the edtech space as a supplier of both hardware and software.

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The Trade Desk Launches Galileo for First-Party Data

January 9, 2023

The relaxed post-New Year’s vibe has now worn off, so we can go back to obsessing about third-party cookies.  Programmatic ad buying platform The Trade Desk is helping with Galileo, which lets marketers upload customer lists from CDPs or other sources, apply the Unified ID 2.0 identifier, and use it to track members across audiences.  It’s less comprehensive than tracking with third-party cookies, but probably as close as we’ll get with current technology.

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