In Brief: New de-ID solution from John SnowLabs helps companies de-identify large data sets and brings potential healthcare data cost benefits to companies

The solution can be delivered as an end-to-end system or a software library.

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In Brief: Looks as though the COVID records of 9.6 million or so Texas residents will be destroyed – not because they’ve asked to have that done, but because Texas has a very unusual state law that requires it to do so

November 1, 2022

State officials could ask vaccine recipients for consent to keep the data, but there are no signs that’s a priority. What’s the downside? Once the records are purged, the only way the individuals or medical professionals who care for them can figure out whether they were previously vaccinated, is if they can show their paper vaccine card. A bit primitive and vague for a state in a world-leading country, but remember we’re talking about Texas.

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Consumers Prefer Relevant Ads: AppsFlyer Study

October 31, 2022

Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute Department of the Obvious.  The boss missed work today due to an accident with a Sexy Folding Smartphone costume.  So I get to tell you that this AppsFlyer survey found 86% of consumers are willing to see ads on Connected TV, and they’ll watch three times as many if they’re relevant.  AppsFlyer also reports that advertisers use CTV to reach new audiences, increase engagement, and drive higher lifetime value.  That’s what I call obvious!

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