In Brief: WhatsApp is making its privacy policy more detailed and more transparent in response to the record fine it received from the Irish DPO for breaching EU privacy rules

Changes to the privacy policy will include providing more information on what data is collected, details on how data will be shared globally, and the legal basis for processing.

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Retail Media Network Revenue to Reach $3 Billion in 2021: eMarketer

November 22, 2021

Retail media includes both ads on ecommerce web sites like Amazon (boring) and ads on retail media network sites owned by retailers like Albertsons, Lowes, and Best Buy (fun!).  Leave it to eMarketer to put things in perspective with a report that ecommerce ads account for just under 90% of the total $31.5 billion that will be spent on U.S. retail media in 2021, leaving the nascent retail ad networks with a fairly minor $3 billion or so.   That’s just 2% of the $150 billion total U.S. digital ad spend.

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