IT’S THE LAW (08/03/2021)

Protecting the Information of our Vulnerable Children and Youth (PRIVCY) Act has been introduced in the U.S. House. It looks to expand the decades-old COPPA law that governs children’s privacy online, and incorporates key elements of the UK’s Age-Appropriate Design Code, including expansion of coverage to sites likely to be accessed by children and teenagers.

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Google to require all PlayStore apps to have privacy policy; and releases new timeline for Privacy Sandbox

August 3, 2021

Google announced privacy and security guidelines for its safety section, including that developers must be ready by April with a privacy policy, including 3rd party and 1st party apps. The company also seems to be moving ahead with Privacy Sandbox plans, despite its unpopularity, and has outlined five phases with wind down on support for 3rd party cookies planned to finish “late 2023.”

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Snowflake Launches Media Cloud for Ad-Related Data Tasks

October 20, 2021

Cloud database Snowflake has launched the Media Data Cloud, a collection of advertising and customer data-related services that include first party identity resolution from Experian, data clean room from Habu, AI-based insights from DataRobot, privacy solutions from LTI, and Unified IS 2.0 and data activation from The Trade Desk.  What’s special is these can all execute within Snowflake.   Previously, users would have needed to export the data from Snowflake, process it, and re-import the results.

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