IT’S THE LAW (9/15/2020)

A bill called the “Genetic Information Privacy Act,” has just passed both houses of the California legislature.

It is designed to extend beyond biometric areas already covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Among the provisions in this new legislation, companies will be required to: 1) provide consumers with more detail about collection and planned use of DNA data, 2) honor consent requests and destroy samples within a specified period, and 3) ensure protection against unauthorized access to or tampering with data.

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XRSI unveils major framework to urgently address VR/AR privacy concerns

September 15, 2020

Rapid growth of virtual and augmented reality technology that can collect massive biometric and other personal data is causing grave concern about implications for privacy and safety. XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), a global nonprofit, has just released the XRSI Privacy Framework, to serve as an ethical guide to managing this complex area and ensuring personal safety. More than half the 45-page document includes details on current regulation, such as GDPR, COPPA and FERPA that address this regionally, and it looks at broader implications. The intent is to deliver "easy-to-understand solutions," for use in business and education - and to press companies like Facebook to "use immersive technologies responsibly."

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