Legality and safety of data flows to Russia is raising questions in the EU

A statement issued by the EU Data Protection Board about data transfers between EU countries and Russia is raising concern among privacy experts who feel extra care must be taken considering the Ukraine war and because the EU doesn’t have an adequacy agreement with Russia. This is in contrast with the EU’s data sharing relationship with the US, which has had to be renegotiated since its prior Privacy Shield adequacy agreement was struck down. Of particular concern with regards to Russia is its potential access to citizen location data in neighboring EU countries.

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Security and Technology Block AI Use in Call Centers: Talkdesk

July 19, 2022

Contact center managers have a different take on AI: Talkdesk reports that 87% feel at least moderately familiar with AI applications in the call center and 85% believe it’s important.  But they list security, infrastructure, resistance to change, and lack of quality data as the top barriers, not training.  Oddly enough, fewer companies report having deployed AI systems than one year ago.

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July 19, 2022
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