Many US organizations unprepared for new privacy regulations, according to survey, & they’re wishing for a federal law

Privacy spending budgets are going up and corporate executives are concerned, but only 59% of those surveyed by Womble Bond Dickson law firm, felt their organization was “very prepared” to meet state guidelines in new US consumer privacy legislation. Further, 88% said they would prefer having a federal law to more state regulations. While 89% reported their tech budget had increased, the majority indicated it did so at a moderate pace.

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IT’S THE LAW (06/28/2022)

June 28, 2022

Colorado, one of 5 US states with a new privacy law, has just passed a biometrics law that limits use of facial recognition by state government agencies and higher ed institutions. This law requires organizations that intend to “develop, procure or use” facial recognition technology to provide notice of intent, including how the data will be stored and protected. Prior to beginning use of a system, agencies will need to submit an accountability report, and they must also train users to ensure compliance with related prohibitions.

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Children’s Privacy: New age-check tools touted by Instagram seem more about age classification (and data collection??) than safety of kids

June 28, 2022
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